Why Age Shouldn't Stop You From Starting a Business (9 or 90 Years Old)

Why Age Shouldn’t Stop You From Starting a Business (9 or 90 Years Old)

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Good morning. Welcome back to Success with Srini. Happy Monday morning to you start a fresh new week, Monday morning. I have a question, old question that I’m catching up with right now. In one line, let me explain this question.

“I’m 67 years old Srini considering starting a business, but I’m scared, not that I don’t work hard. It’s just that I may be late for the game. What do you suggest I do?” I can’t tell you what you should do and what you should not do. But I will tell you, what I would do if I were in your shoes. And I have been repeating to myself on this podcast, that there is nothing that teaches everything about life, as entrepreneurship does. I think everybody should start a business in their lifetime, they should experience all the emotions, all the feelings of running a business, and the risks of running a business, the challenges, the unknowns, the stress, everything they should experience. And, and I said this also in the past, you could read 20 different books and talk to 30 different CEOs and go to 100 Different VCs can’t learn what 1000 videos on YouTube still cannot learn? You know, you could probably learn all of that and more by simply starting a business and going through it, maybe for a year or so. So if I were you, I would, and I’ll tell you why. It this is simply not based on an emotional, it’s not a muscle statement.

So here is how I approach a question like this. And I have many questions, not specific, this question, but many such questions in my own life. Should I go to the gym? Should I go climb this mountain? Should I start running? Should I change my car? Should I change my house? I have these questions. We all have these questions. And these are the decisions we make. So this is more about a decision-related question rather than a capability question. The fear is coming, because maybe, you know, I’ve had people tell me that my father did not live long, my mother did not live long. And both deaf parents on both sides did not live long. So I think I have a very short lifespan. So I don’t think I have enough time to do whatever I want to do. Hence I’m not doing it. I’ve seen people say these things. So I don’t know where this question is coming from, I need to understand, what are you scared of. Is it age? So given I don’t have much information about you, and you’re saying you’re 67 years old, I’ll tell you, if I were you, and I was 67 years old, talking about 67, something crossed my mind just now. My grandfather passed away when he was 67 years old, trusting the scary essence of reading this. And then my first cousin passed away at 67 years old. And both my first cousin and my grandfather shared the same name.

So my first cousin was named after my grandfather, which is scary. But if I’m 67 today, given those two data points, and I’m also going through, I’m very close to my cousin and grandfather, through my father’s stories and narratives. His persona has influenced me. So yeah, I wouldn’t be scared at 67 too, but then I would start, I would live the day. And I kept saying this year also, which is I live my day thinking every day is my last day. And I wake up and work as if I’m going to live here for 100 years. So I will still do it personally speaking. And here are some data points without going into the motions. Here are some people who started incredible things, and they started very late. Julia Child was doing some work in marketing sales, I believe, eventually wrote a book, a recipe book, I believe and then went on to become a celebrity chef. Started doing TV shows. When I was new in America. I was watching her source. And there are some shorts even I think that are still running right now. Julia Child became an international celebrity long after totally stumbled upon it. After the first half of her life.

On the first trip, tears are gone. And then she stumbled into success. That’s one example right there. Toni Morrison, an incredible writer, and novelist, recently lost her. Nobody knew her literally till 1993 when she won a Nobel Prize for her novel. I don’t which one is after God. Incredible story, something that I used to talk about all the time and now celebrated everywhere. Till she was 62 years old. That’s when people discovered her 62 wins a Nobel Prize. Let’s talk to some more people Ray Kroc, Ray Kroc, 5254 years old before he came into McDonald’s and really co-founder of McDonald’s is probably the best word or somebody who started McDonald’s, it may be a stretch, depends on how you look at that, but became, made McDonald’s. Probably one of the top five or 10 brands in the world. Tom Allen and under a big name, the huge name is still relevant. 92 years old today. Okay, started doing yoga when he was 55 years old started yoga at age 55. And now a celebrity trainers yoga trainer in the United Kingdom. Incredible story, incredible story. And all these people found success very late in life, Nelson Mandela, let’s take that as an example. 27 years of absolute, total, you know, darkness, jailed. All that didn’t have a life comes out at the age of 76 and becomes a precedent. What an incredible story that is.

This is my favorite story. And these are all great stories. But this is my favorite story. Grandma Moses, Anna Moses, Grandma Moses, probably the most celebrated most loved individual in America, a celebrity in America. Literally everybody, even the newer generation. I meet kids who talk about her passing away in the 1960s, early 1960s, I believe, is known her reputation. Her success started when right around when she was 78 or 80 years old, and she is known worldwide for her paintings. in her lifetime, she painted about 1500 paintings. And she lived she started her career when she was 80 years old, roughly. And she lived till about 101 years old. And here’s the funny part. Over 25% of her creations and paintings came after she turned 100. Crazy 1500 paintings 25% of that came after she turned 100 She passed away when she was 101 years old. I don’t know what other kind of inspiration you want. Yeah, there are many stories of people who never made it. But we’re not worried about that. Who cares? Who cares? So here’s a resource for you. I want you to go to ted.com and search. What can we learn from people who succeed late in life? I want you to search for that video. And I want you to watch that video. I think that video is by Albert Barbas. Check that. I don’t think I’m saying that name correctly. The last name is Berra bass, I believe. But check that video out. What can we learn from people who succeed late in life should be on ted.com? And you’ll find your answer. If I were you, as I said, I would start I would live every day.

There’s nothing to fear. You’re not 67 You’ve probably seen life better, more than anybody else around you. So listen, everything you want is on the other side of fear anyway. So you’re asking this question because you had that desire in you all these people had passion in them. They discovered themselves late because you’re asking that question. I think you have some passion within you. You haven’t discovered yourself. So go discover yourself. I’m not I don’t think that’s a capability question. Okay, so that’s all for now. Great question. Sorry. I’m getting back later on this. Again, wherever you are. Have a wonderful Monday, a great start to this week. And I will catch up with you as early as tomorrow right here on success with Srini Thank you, everyone. Bye now.

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