Why Dream Big After All

Why Dream Big After All

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One of the basic ingredients, one of the elemental ingredients for creating any level of success is a dream. Now, without a dream, nothing is possible. Some people agree some do not agree, but they still dream, all of us dream, if you study the body of self-improvement, the entire work, which is very hard to do, but if you study the author, speakers, trainers, mentors, philosophers guides, you study, whatever the road, whatever they say, or whatever they already said, you try to see many commonalities, and one of the biggest standout commonality is dreaming big books written on this topic, there is so much literature already there. So today, what I want to do is, I don’t want to talk about how to dream big, that is how the topic has been discussed already. I want to highlight why to dream big.

So, one of the challenges of the human mind is the mind wants to believe conceive, and create, it wants to lead, but the challenge is, the mind cannot lead until it follows. So, the mind needs to follow. So your job is to feed the mind with the right information and allow the mind to expand to a point where it starts leading you. And this is a this took me a long time to understand this concept. And numerous books, numerous philosophers, and numerous authors, I studied to arrive at the conclusion that the mind needs to follow before it can lead. Let’s talk about the mind for a second what are what is happening in the mind? Well, there are three things if you really, really go to the basics, there are three things the mind is doing. The mind obviously has intellect. Intellect means your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, all that can be put in that category called intellect. Then comes the image. Now images, memories, and experiences, the reason why we will return bombs calling an image, or the category of images, because the mind repaints experiences or memories in the form of images, even though we think that we are retaining information, as if it’s a movie, but it is stored in the form of images, but when it is retrieved, you construct a movie or a flow to those images. And then the third part is identity. Me I. So there comes ego there. And then position status, all these things come in, within identity. So three eyes actually formed the brain and the mind. So first one is intellect. The second one is an image. And the third one is identity.

Now, if you study different philosophies, ancient philosophies, they all talk about this, and all of them more or less, you know, touch these topics. Now, using intellect, using the images that we form. And using our identities, we navigate the environment we are in. And sometimes we want to break free of the environment. And in the process, we want to create our own environment. So while we are operating in an environment, what’s happening? Well, in order for us to operate in the environment, we need to protect ourselves. We need to grow, we need to achieve a few milestones and maybe some goals and we need to provide and we want to thrive in the environment.

Now. Sometimes we do break away from the environments and we disassociate ourselves and we go and do other things. But every time we disassociate we create another environment for ourselves. So whatever the case is, the idea of the way the mind works is it’s comparing contrasting it’s studying understanding, and measuring, so aligning, zooming in forming all these activities going on in the mind with an idea that it has to either thrive or survive in the environment. That’s it, right? Now, where does a dream come into all this? You see, to really survive in the environment, you just can’t survive like that, because there are too many risks. If you, for example, if you stop doing what you’re doing there is a risk. If you do not apply the skills that you have towards a progressive goal, then there is a risk. So there’s a risk, so you can’t stay idle, there is nobody can, anybody with some basic understanding of life with a basic understanding of how life operates, they can’t stay static, they can’t stand still. So they have to move. Now, when you talk about moving, now, where should you move, you got to move towards an outcome, or to a goal or something like that. So a big dream kind of allows you to experience a sense of achievement. So the bigger the dream is, the more will be this sense of achievement. Now, how do you attain this sense of achievement, you attain that by setting goals by passionately, you know, defining a purpose and passionately pursuing the purpose and, and getting focused towards the outcomes, whatever those outcomes are, and, and trying to attain that fulfillment. That’s how this works.

So in order to set goals in order to have a sense of achievement, in order to define an order, identify a passion, define a purpose, and work towards fulfilling that purpose. And staying focused on that purpose, all these activities become easier when there is a dream, to begin with. Now, the bigger the dream, the more these things become. The more you can experience these things more you can pursue these things and you feel you are in control of your life, or you have this sense of you become more congruent. That’s the word I was looking you become more congruent. So I want you to look into your dreams today. And if possible, I want you to take a moment and write down some of your dreams. And you put a question mark around these dreams, whatever you write, maybe five or 10, whatever you have. And it’s not hard because these dreams are there within you, you haven’t taken the time to really sit down and put them on paper and you start writing these dreams, I want you to look into your reality, and ask a question for yourself. Is this dream big enough? Is it big? If you don’t get the answer, that answer doesn’t really talk to you, then all the goals, all the outcomes that you set for those that dream, they’re going to be mediocre. It has to really resonate the minute you write it down, you look at that you read it and you feel like you jump out of your chair, jump out of your bed. That’s the kind of feeling you need to have within you. Wow. So one of the goals I had was one of my dreams was to go climb Mount Everest. And, and big dream took literally, you know, 20 years of dreaming 10 years of working one year of full-time work to go and try to you know, get up there did not happen. I couldn’t get there. That’s a different story. But all these things played out goals for the dream, you know, purpose, you know, my passion, my purpose in the end, and the pursuit to fulfill this dream. It’s amazing how congruent I became along the way.

So I want you to see whether the dream that you have is big enough. If you’re making $100,000 just making this up, you make $100,000 a month, a year. Why not be $100,000 A month $1.2 million a year? Why not? Why not shoot for 100,000 a month? See if you wake up in the morning, thinking I make $20,000 a month, that’s my salary, then that’s how the mind is going to operate in it. That’s the measure of the mind. The mind has nothing to do to calibrate itself because the gap immediately fills the gap because the gap is attainable, or there is no gap for the mind. But what if it’s 100,000 200,000? a month? 10,000 a month. And now the mind is thinking, okay, how can I get there? How can I get there? This power to this? There are numerous books written on this concept. And I want you to get this book. The magic of thinking big. Get this book. I read this book in the year 1998 or 99, I believe. Not sure to nearly 40 years ago, well, you probably won’t need to go get the book, read the book. I promise you, your mind is going to expand at a whole different level altogether. Okay, I’m going to stop here. And before you know it, I’ll be with you. That is tomorrow. Stay tuned. Keep listening.

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