Why You're Failing to Achieve Your Goals -The Truth Nobody Talks About

Why You’re Failing to Achieve Your Goals -The Truth Nobody Talks About

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This morning, as I was just getting ready to kind of get my thoughts aligned and record the podcast. And suddenly I got this email, a long email from a listener, obviously, of this podcast and also my radio shows, asking me about a very deep question early morning question. And the gist of this question is I’m failing, to achieve my goals. I have no idea what I am doing wrong, or what is incorrect. That’s the question, long email explaining the situation, the problems and years and years of working hard, and all that. I don’t want to get into all that here. But the gist of this question got me excited. So I stopped whatever I had in my mind. And I said I’m going to record this as today’s podcast. So stay with me, I’m sure you’re going to find some incredible value from this. Because we all fail at fulfilling our goals or achieving our goals. So here is what I found out. And I could be totally wrong at this. But after working with hundreds and hundreds of people, through different situations, different geographies, and different circumstances, I think I have a fair understanding of how this whole thing works. Every time I meet an individual, who says, you know, I’m working at this, it’s not happening, I’m going to give it a year or two. Usually, the way I read them is that they are not properly setting their goals, they’re not working, they’re not their intent is not clear, and they have a good heart. But then, you know, there is an impression that people like this create, and after going through so many different tractions, over the years, I can read those impressions. So there are four or five things that might be going wrong in this specific case because those are the five things that go wrong in almost every case.

So let’s get into these five. And I’m going to come back and maybe share a couple of resources that can help you overcome this. The first and foremost question is how do you set goals? What is the goal setting, the paradigm you use, or the system you use? Because everything is a goal. You woke up this morning, you took care of all your waking up this morning, you’re taking care of your stuff. In the afternoon, we are taking care of a few more things in the evening, you will in the night will everything is a goal and everything is an accomplishment. The question is how are these goals meaningful? How can these goals be? First of all, envisioned? Then thought through? Then kind of taken seriously? Intent, focus, energy, all those things applied? And how can these goals be given identities? whatever goals you have, in your mind, how can you give identities to those goals? So that when you walk, when you breathe, when you inhale when you sleep when you move? These goals are truly falling off of you. See, if I was supposed to go and climb Everest, everything I was doing was Everest, my thoughts Everest, my diet Everest, my sleep Everest, my exercise Everest, my interactions Everest, everything is Everest. So whatever goal you have, and this is in fact, I’m, I went through it. So I know because it’s very easy, to make a comment on somebody’s situation. But when you live through it, you know exactly, you know, you have a different understanding of anything once you lived through it. So I have a different understanding because I lived through some of the goals that I set for myself. And some of them, I did not achieve some of them I failed. Obviously, this Everest thing did not happen. But I lived through the process for a year and a half. So I know how this works. So there are four or five things I want to call out. There are many more things to it, it’s very difficult to get everything into a podcast like this. And back to a question that came in just moments ago, very difficult for me to put all my thoughts together. But I’m speaking from my mind, as I’m recording this, there’s no preparation for this nothing.

The first and foremost thing is you’ve got to have your schedule in place. You set your goal, the goal setting paradigm, the goal setting formula, it doesn’t matter who’s whose principles you use, whose methods you use, which book you read, it’s totally up to you. But once you are there, and things are not happening, it means that you are not taking your time seriously. You’re not giving enough energy to your intent. You’re not taking your schedule, seriously, the schedule is the right word schedule encapsulates Time and events and all that so the schedule is an important part you don’t really take so you schedule some time to do a few things maybe. But something else comes up you kind of compromise you compromise. So you probably have a challenge of saying no to things and you say yes to everything. That’s coming your way. And now you really don’t have control over your time, people who don’t have control over their time, they don’t have control over a thing. Step one.

The second one is once you have the schedule in place, and the second is action. So listen, if you want to manifest anything, you want to create anything, you want to take action, there is no shortcut to this. But people tell me that I, I have a schedule, I take action if things don’t happen for me. Then that leads me to the third point, which is the focus. What are you thinking when you’re taking action? Are you getting sidelined? Are you getting sidetracked? distractions, like you, need real focus to get things done. So I would take five minutes of extreme focus in in one hour, then 10 hours of unfocused time. So 10 hours of work, no focus versus one hour with five minutes of focus. It’s amazing what focus does. And I think 99% of all performance issues can be broken down to this one thing called the focus. And I did multiple podcasts here. Talking about focus, of course, I did a lot many podcasts on goal setting and achievement and goal fulfillment and all that. You have a schedule, you are taking action, you are focused, still, things are not happening. Then the last one is your belief system. See, once the belief system itself is compromised, doesn’t matter what you do, everything is cosmetic. It’s like taking a fox and painting the fox to look like a tiger doesn’t work. Back in the day growing up in school, my teacher used to say this, you can’t take a fox and paint it to look like a tiger. So you can’t paint this. So your belief system is incorrect. You are scared of success, you are fearful of success, you’re fearful of failure. There are things that are overriding you internally, then you can’t any of these things work. They may have worked, but then will not work to a level where you feel good about accomplishing. So belief system is an important Black Swan. Everywhere I hit this point of values and beliefs, values and beliefs everywhere wherever I talk because it’s the mindset and everything else.

Secondly, people give lots of importance to other things. Money, credentials, accomplishments all. It’s the mindset. I’ll tell you this, I met a multi, not a billionaire, but a multi-multimillionaire, right? I couldn’t spend three minutes with him, I just couldn’t spend three minutes with him. Every word that comes out of his mouth doesn’t make any sense. There is no logic or there is no rhyme or rhythm to why he became successful how he could make this kind of money, why his employees tolerate him, I have no idea. I don’t want my employees to tolerate me. I think that my employees work with me, not for me me, because of the currency. And that currency is the words that take change with them. At any point in time, I don’t look down upon them. I never say anything to them that compromises their identity, their self-esteem, or their self-worth or value. Every time they talk to me, they feel that they are seeing a better version of themselves in them. I have no idea why this man is so successful make so much of money. But then, you know, individuals’ work is measured through the words they say and the way they say them. Just spend five or 10 minutes with people, if they are doing F bombs everywhere they’re talking, you know, you know what their worth is they may have the wealth, they don’t have the word. belief system is an important part, I want you to look into the belief system and just talk about goals. Now there are two other elements. I’m gonna do this, this podcast is running too long. And just dialing in I just see I just woke up dialing into this.

The two other things I want to share quickly. When you’re setting goals, make sure that the goals pull you and don’t push yourself towards the goals. It just you know don’t do things because others are doing do because you inherently deep within yourself feel that this is the right thing for you to do. Don’t do it don’t again, this goes back to the earlier comment about cosmetics. Right? I want to set goals such that I feel empowered goals. I wake up you know, sometimes I wake up in the morning, I don’t feel like achieving anything doing anything. Think about the goal. Oh my God, I need to do this I need to complete the goal that somehow inherently pulls me. That’s not my idea. Not my idea. But there’s something that I picked up in one of the books I think before James clear, tiny habits I believe. Not sure. Then this is something else. There’s a second part to this. When you set goals, make sure that the initial effort rewards.

The initial few steps, the initial few actions you take for achieving a goal make sure that those actions succeed so that you now have the kind of validation. But yeah, whatever I’m trying to do here, it’s going to work because I’m seeing success. If the first couple of steps are successful, the first couple of steps, stand as validation, then you will stay longer with your goals, you will put in the effort, you’ll spend more time, and then we’ll succeed. As simple as that. Okay, I just see this answer is pretty big and pretty broad and pretty could be driven in different directions. But hopefully, this is helpful. Hopefully, I answered your question. If not, let me know. And if you have a question for me, by all means, please text me at 888-818-0404. 888-818-0404 where you can text me.

Now, My tough day is a very busy day, as I’m recording this early morning. So I’ll just go and take care of a few critical things. Three, or four things are waiting on me as I’m recording this. But I should have done a little bit more research in answering this question. But I think whatever I said came out of my own being in this so still, I hope this delivers some value. That’s all for now. Wherever you are, you’ll be safe and I will catch you as early as tomorrow morning right here. Take care. Bye now.

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