Why You're Not Getting Results: The Truth About Inaction

Why You’re Not Getting Results: The Truth About Inaction??

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Happy Friday morning to you. Welcome back to Success with Srini. Before I start today’s podcast, I want to thank you all again, one more time and I will keep doing this. I’ll keep thanking you as many times as I can, for all your questions, all your comments, and believing this podcast, trusting that everything that I’m sharing here with you, and then asking questions. So I want to, as much as I’m behind on everything that’s happening here, you know, equally or more, I’m grateful for your participation in all this. So I have some exciting things lined up over the next few weeks. I don’t like to fill this podcast with guests, and you know, all that. But every time I’ve seen someone who is doing something incredible, something that has gotten my attention, something that has touched my heart, I want them to come and speak. So over the next few weeks, you will hear some incredible guests that I’ll be inviting. I have three or four at the top of my mind. I’m going to have them on the podcast. But today I want to keep it simple. And to the point it’s a Friday, it’s the weekend. So usually I don’t want to get into deep topics. I will answer a question today.

So and this question is something that has been in my inbox for a long time. It’s a long question, but I want to the I took the gist of it. Three things this individual is asking, I want to do, I can do I know I can do. And I know what to do. I want to do it, I can do it. And I know what to do. It’s just that I cannot get away with doing it. What is the cause? And can you help me? That’s the gist of this, this question. And I’m simplifying this because I don’t want to waste about three minutes reading this whole email, which is pretty big. And there is a backstory there is a current story that is a future story, quite a big description on this email. All of us go through this, we want to do things we know what to do. We know we can do it. But somehow something is stopping us. Now, this whole podcast is based on that. Over the years, everything that I have been doing is just specifically focused on this question. It’s interesting that I’m seeing more and more these kinds of questions that I have something within me, I know I can do it. I know I’ve done it in the past. I don’t know what’s happening with me, and how to address this pattern I’m seeing. Okay, so let’s get into the answer. Every time, something like this, my mind goes to transitions. Something is happening within you, or something is happening around you, your trunk you are you’re transiting from one phase of your life to the other. And you are caught in the middle. And this is the time that you’re in transit. And these kinds of questions come to your mind. So what it means is if you give enough time, this is going to go away. But people stay in this transit for a long time. That is where this whole thing happens. So what it leads to is, it leads to inaction. That’s all this question is all about, you know, why am I experiencing inaction? If I have to put this entire email into one question into one line, then I would say this way, I’d say I’m experiencing inaction. I want to know why. And what can I do to overcome sin action, let’s it every time you have this feeling of not accomplishing every time you have this feeling of having the strength, having the capability, but somehow not able to express somehow not able to bring yourself to the task. There are three things that are playing out somewhere within you somewhere within your either conscious mind or the unconscious mind somewhere within you are experiencing some kind of conflict. I wouldn’t say experience is the wrong word here. I would say not to share conflict. It’s not obvious to you yet. Maybe it’s in a latent way. It’s there. But a conflict is there. That’s where I would start. And for a second, if you say that there is no conflict, and you’re very aware of yourself, and you practice self-awareness, let’s say then there should be an element of confusion also. And as humans, we experience confusion all the time. Should I do this? Should I do that? What if I do this and not do that? What’s the consequence? I can do it, but I’m not sure how to do it.

But let me do it anyway. So confusion. If it’s very dominant, then it leads to inaction. When you know that you’re not sure about something and you know, the consequence of doing it without knowing is huge. Then you choose not to do and that’s an unconscious Batum leads to inaction, then constraints. You know, like, for example, I want to go run, I’m good, I can run, I can run 345 miles I do that I was doing pretty frequently. But then recently, I’ve started to experience a constraint on my leg, and I’m in pain. And if I don’t run, I don’t get the pain. So I’m trying to avoid it. So, such constraints do exist, there are family constraints that are money constraints that are time constraints that are spouse constraints, and spousal support, many such constraints exist. So sometimes we see them sometimes those these constraints are also invisible, see, conflict is invisible. Confusion is invisible. Constraints sometimes are invisible. All these three individually or collectively can lead you to inaction. And inaction is the cause for your feeling that you are not able to get ahead. This is where all kinds of other thinking set in. So how do you overcome this? Well, the simple simplistic answer, if I oversimplify this, then I’ll say this, go take action. But you can’t take action. Because, you know, it’s not just about effort. It’s not about physical stuff and internal imbalance. So there are some agreements that you have to make. And I want you to make an agreement right now. And one of the agreements that you have to make with yourself, is that whatever it is, it’s scarier. You didn’t describe the entire specifically this, this individual who asked me this question, did not describe what they want to do. It’s interesting, write a big email, but they don’t not specific. It’s a very open-ended email. You got to decide your purpose. If you don’t know, what you are meant for, and why you are here. And fine, you’re doing what you’re doing. If you do not know the purpose, then everything you do becomes difficult. I’ve seen people talk about techniques, I’m feeling a conflict, what can I do? Well, there is a technique to overcome the conflict. I’m always confused, or I’m specifically confused in this area, what can I do, there is a technique to overcome that, or there could be many techniques. But all these techniques fade out over time. Because the technique, and it works, when certain things are in place. But it’s not a permanent solution to the problem. So people experience a when, when they apply the technique, and the technique works, then a solution works. But then the solution fades away over time. And sooner or later, they find themselves back at the same problem, or the same problem, with a different flair to it.

So a perpetual way to overcome this issue is to find your purpose. The beauty of finding a purpose is automatically the mind goes to fulfill it if my purpose is to have a podcast that runs every day. And let me take it back. Let’s say my purpose is to influence the purpose of my life is to influence people. And there are a zillion ways to influence people. And there are zillion methods to do it a zillion ways and Chilean methods and zillion technologies and whatnot. But this podcast is just one. And this podcast has to happen in my mind every day. So you can say that you don’t need to do the podcast do something else. Yes, everything that because I said zillion ways I can do this, this purpose of me influencing people in a positive way. I can fulfill that in zillion different ways. But podcast happens to be the way according to me, in my situation, in my context, so this is the way for me. And I’m not saying other ways do not work. I’m not saying I’m not gonna do I’m not going to do the other things, either. All I’m saying is a purpose and a method to fulfill that purpose. Now, if you find your purpose, and you keep on trying to fulfill that purpose, then what happens is, the more you do it, the more you identify with yourself.

The I did identify with yourself is in itself a big task. People wake up confused because they can’t see themselves. I recorded a few podcasts on this already. People feel the call of Conflict more than it is because of their identification of themselves, their identity itself. People feel more confused because they don’t think that they have what it takes. And that comes from identity. So a more proven, comprehensive way to deal with this problem in action is to find purpose, fulfill the purpose, and along the way, build your identity. Now, there’s one other thing that I want to also highlight in all this. The reason why if you go, and if you stay with inaction for a long time, inaction does two things. Obviously, inaction doesn’t get to the result. But inaction also takes away the results that you created in the past. This is why people lose their peak careers, they go into a dip, and they stay there for many, many, many, many years, they just cannot come back to their prior selves. It’s not that they don’t have the experience and skill, it’s there, everything is there. But somehow something is missing, or something doesn’t fall into place. So they stay there. And eventually, they fade off, they go away. One of the things that you got to be very careful of when it comes to goal setting or going after your desires and, you know, setting yourself to take action and working towards certain outcomes is false beliefs, false beliefs, the cause separation, they will induce limitation. I have gone to a point in my life right now, every belief. So early on earlier, when I was uninformed, and I was young, I used to take every belief to be a true belief. Thereafter, I would try to validate the belief. Is this true?

Okay. And I’m looking for data points to match this belief. Now, In recent years, I’ve shifted my thinking now, I take every belief to be a false belief. And then I look for evidence. And I keep on looking for evidence till I’m proof that this is not false is true. Because if I lead with a false belief, then I’m not experiencing I’m preparing myself for separation and limitation. So, for example, I’m recording this podcast, and I’m not thinking that today is the best podcast. That’s a false belief. If I think that way, so I’m starting this podcast thinking I could have done better in answering this question. And I’m very short on this. Okay, internally, I go that way. So now I have allowed my mind to expect some level of separation. Separation means that, okay, so I’m not really 100% on this. And, you know, I know that you know, there are some limitations, I could have answered this question in a much deeper way, in a much more, with more completeness. But still, I’m doing it. And this is the belief I have, I’ve not done a good job. Okay. Now, as you respond back to me, and I start getting some feedback, that feedback is going to undo disbelief for now. But I’m still doing it, I’m still taking action, I’m still at it. I’m still recording this. And it sounds that this can be published, at least until now. Until now, I did not induce any confusion in my thinking. There are some places where I might have, you know, said things like, you know, you know, and a few places where I might have repeated myself, but overall, it’s okay, so I’m going to publish this podcast. And then with the belief that this was this is not my best work. But then when you respond back to me saying that, okay, I got the answer I was looking for or it is helping, then, now, in that at that moment, now, I’m going to hang on to this belief. Now, I turned my false belief into a true belief.

This is my current approach. But the truth is this, the more false beliefs you have, the more you will be separated. And the more you’ll experience limitations, how you change your beliefs. There is a podcast on this I’ve already done. If you’re interested, then let me know. I’m going to send you that link. It should be there on my YouTube channel. All you have to do is go to YouTube and search for beliefs, you should be able to see them. But if not, let me know I’m going to send you the link. I hope I answered your question. I hope you will let me know. And that’s all for now. I’m sorry, it’s a Friday. I should keep it small to the point and not deep but I think this is not deep but this is long so going enjoy your weekend and enjoy your Friday I’ll be talking to you as early as tomorrow right here on success with Srini. Stay tuned.

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