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Srini Saripalli

Author, Speaker & Change Maker! Srini is one of the foremost human change makers and peak performance experts in the world today. Widely considered as a “Master Interventionist” Srini uses a compelling combination of Hypnosis and Neuro Conditioning to make powerful & life lasting changes in people and organizations almost instantly. Srini is a sought after consultant on human change and highest paid coach in Silicon Valley Bay Area.

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05 Oct

Do You Promote Yourself Or Your Business On Radio?

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I have spent a significant part of my business life promoting events, workshops and products on RADIO.  Over the years, I have been consulted by many hosts, anchors, event promoters

22 Mar

Kevin Harrington Live On Success With Srini

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Kevin Harrington, the original SHARK of the ABC's hit show SHARK TANK will be my guest on my radio show today. He is looking to partner up with a select

13 Aug

Thoughts From 10,000 Feet

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Footage from my 5th attempt of Mt.Shasta. We hiked up to about 10,000 feet and camped. Thought I will record a quick message for the attendees of my upcoming Career

12 May

Books I’m re-reading this year

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A part view of my library. They all are 100 years old. These have changed my life. Certainly I'm not reading Alice In Wonderland... lol

29 Apr

The Essence of True Leadership-GITPro World 2016

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I spoke at GITPRO WORLD 2016 on April 23, 2016. My presentation was on how to "Turn Yourself Into An Influential Leader" I started my talk by sharing some of

23 Jul

A Lesson From My Father..

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Once my father told me.. "Always judge a man at the end of his career, never in the middle and certainly not in the beginning. Anybody can have a great

Latest Podcasts

17 Oct

Combine passion & profession and now you are truly successful

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This show was aired live on DESI1170AM on May 10, 2017 I had the honor of having Dr. Samir Sharma as my guest. Samir is an orthopedic surgeon who has combined

17 Oct

How To Affirm

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17 Oct
01 Aug

Thoughts On Entrepreneurship

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It rarely happens where in, a client of yours asks to interview you, Murali Shesadri(of MathMagnet.com) did. We got into the studio without any preparation and at the end we

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Marc Nejad

Just three things that Srini shared with me were incredible. Can’t wait to go home and implement

Geoffrey H. Fullerton

Srini will twist you, move you and transform you

Robert Estupenian

“Srini gave information that will impact everybody’s life.”

Kadri Egbeyemi

“I have not seen a mentor like Srini Saripalli.”

Christene Comaford

”Srini has a lot of heart, knows business & is a real deal. Work with him!”

Rae Majors-Wildman

Srini! thank you for being a blessing in my life.

Manuel Jardim

Srini is a real deal. He is a prodigy, had been in trenches and has done it

Teresa Kuhn

I came in as one person and walking out as a completely different one, Srini Cares!