Content Creation Workshop..You Think It Makes Sense?

If you are an internet markter(deliberately misspelled) you can relate to the fact that content creation is one of the most difficult aspects of this business. Every blogger I have ever met has something or other to say about content creation.

If you are producing great content on a daily basis, it may be that you are a creative person… But try increasing the volume. If you are producing 10 posts a day, try doubling them. If you are able to do it couple of days straight, try doing that for a month. Check your long tail keyword performance. See how google is individually raising the page rank of each post.

I know regardless of how good one is at creating content, there is scope of improvement, there is room to scale.

Writer’s block is a major stumbling block for many. Some are exceptionally good with anchors and drawing inspirations but are poor in translating them into tangible, consumable snippets for their readers(myself included). This is something I had been personally improving for sometime.

Oh.. one more thing. since I became a blogger, I have became a good copywriter. Creating content for a blog is not much different than writing a sales copy. Its just that a blog has definite deadlines and a salescopy doesn’t. Ever since I started blogging, I can tell you my persuasion skills have improved and soon I will announce myself as a direct response copy writer. ( one way I am measuring this is the number of comments I get to this post here).

How better of a copywriter I have become? …I don’t know yet. None of my copies have polled in a million dollars in 24 hours( This has kind of become the measuring meter in the internet marketing world) but then I know I am improving.

Coming back to my original point..

I am thinking of conducting a one day workshop on content creation. JUST CONTENT!

This morning I thought about this..Instead of wasting anymore time researching who is offering a similar workshop or seminar, how people will receive the notion of this work, do I have a market for this kind of an event, can I fill an entire seminar room etc..

… I decided to write this on this blog and make it public…

So what this workshop…

??? How to create content that will sell. How to create content on demand, without any barriers. Without any wirters block, without any dead locks.

??? How to create content that will rank high on search engines.

??? How to create content that will rank high with people in the first place.

??? How to create content that will saturate the social media sites with your name, brand etc & Etc. You get the point

??? How to create content even if you don;t want to make any money from your blog or website and why you want to do that?

??? How to create content that will entice ghost writers to write better content for you. I have lost a leg and arm outsourcing my content creation and I will tell you it sucks.

And a ton of examples of how I create content just by myself in my several of my businesses and How other people create content in their businesses( case studies)

(oops! this post will rank #1 on google for the keyword “How To Create Content”..never mind :)- You were so busy reading the post..your subconscious mind filtered that out)

You could be a blogger, you could be an affiliate marketer or a copy writer. You will certainly have a few take homes from this workshop.
I guarantee you, anyone walking into this workhop will turn themselves into content machines, churning content on demand and in their sleep.

Never mind.. the point is.. you will make more money coming out of this workshop.

Here is what I want you to do for me…Do you think this is something that interests you. If it does..goes ahead post a comment here and if possible answer these questions in your comment.

You want this to be a live event or a virtual one? I prefer live

Where do you want this event to happen? I prefer San Jose or San Fransisco.. My excuse I just had a baby..

If there is a cost to much can you afford to pay? I personally want this to be a free event myself, but I will have overhead, which I cannot avoid. And moreover I want to make a little money if not more :)-

If this event would ever becomes a reality and you plan to attend. What would be your take home from it? What do you expect to learn, contribute at this event? I think I will walk away with 1000 outlines for 1000 posts in my niche..wouldn’t that be cool

In a scale of 1-10 how much do you feel content is important for your online business? My answer is 10..10 being the highest.

For all who think.they don’t need a workshop like this, because they have dedicated writers on their staff. I will tell you. You will still learn a few things on how to optimize them.

Let me know your thoughts about my thought..and I will tell you more about this shortly..


P.S: When I say content.. I mean Audio, Video, PowerPoints etc & etc.

P.P.S: Workshop idea conceived at 10:35AM Started Writing This Post: 10:55AM Time Completed: 11:15AM

P.P.P.S: In a day or so do a google search for the phrase “Content Creation”. Did you find me on the first page?

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