I am really humbled by this Gesture

This last weekend I attend Ryan Lee’s Continuty Summit in Stamford, CT.

While standing in the queue to check-in at the registration I met Dr. Ben Mack. It was a pleasure to meet him. We have exchanged all kinds of communication in the past but I never met him in person. That night we decided to meet early and have breakfast the following day.

While we were having breakfast and discussing some next generation influence strategies. One of my students Vickie Franecki walks up to us.

Vickie attended my King of Blogging workshop and one of the students who took massive action to get her blog up and running. I never met Vickie before, she did email me saying she was coming to the event but what was even more uprisings was, she got a gift for me.

Check it out on the video..

She had no clue it was Dr. Ben Mack with whom I was having breakfast with. All three of us had breakfast there after and went to attend the seminar. Sometime later during that day I told Vickie about Dr. Ben Mack.

She was like..what that was Dr. Mack? wow oh my God..You should have told me about him…

Thank You Vickie for this great gift & thank you Dr. Mack for capturing this rare moment on video.

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