5 Things To Monitor In Your Life Every Day

5 Things To Monitor In Your Life Every Day

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Numerous times on this podcast, I’ve said that you cannot improve anything, or you cannot improve something that you do not measure. So measuring is important. Doesn’t matter whether you have a career situation, you have a financial situation, you have a health situation or any new goals that you want to bring in or anything that you want to accomplish, you have to measure, you need to have baseline numbers across everything that you’re doing. I can tell you everything I do, I have baseline numbers, and those baseline numbers, tell me the delta at any point in time, not that I care. But I care for consistency, I care about reputation, frequency, I don’t care for and improvements. Not that I don’t check my weight every day, I was talking about weight loss yesterday, I don’t check my weight every day. And I don’t check my bank accounts every day. But I need to measure those.

Now, I have baselines and at any point in time I do measure, then I know when all I measured in the past, and I can I see the delta I see the progression, I see the progression, and I can now act based on the data. Now I do that kind of analysis once a month. But then as a part of peak performance as a part of your growth, daily growth. You need to monitor you need to not measure but monitor monitoring is important. The big difference between Monitoring and Measuring monitoring is to check for spikes and extremes. That means something is seriously wrong, you need to act now got to drop everything and act now. And sometimes measuring means that everything is okay. But you still there are some deltas. There are some fluctuations, but nothing in the extreme. So what I want to do on today’s podcast is I want to share with you a few things that I want you to monitor. This is a coaching podcast, been doing this myself. Again, there are many things you should monitor in life. And I’ll run out of time if I seriously, there are so many things to monitor. It’s impossible to monitor everything that’s happening in life. But there are a few things that each one of us should monitor and I’m going to share with you a few things that I have monitored over the years. This is not a complete list. But this is a good list that will help you start thinking in the right direction.

This podcast is not the answer. The podcast is a path through which you can know, you open yourself up to more answers in your own way. There are about five or six things. I was seriously monitoring for a long time in my life, I want to share those with you. Now, as far as monitoring is concerned, I monitor these but measuring pot is completely different. I measure this and many more. But these five or six are absolutely very important. No, no second thoughts. Okay. So let’s get into this. The first and foremost one, you got to monitor your credit cards, you need to monitor your debit cards. And you need to monitor the bank accounts. Because there is a possibility of fraud or some kind of thing with security issues and all that. So you got a monitor. You can add your investment accounts to it and all that is completely up to you. But I would monitor daily accounts, which credit cards, debit cards, and other bank accounts are all daily, daily counts. The second thing I’ll monitor is my calorie intake. And my water intake and a few things but the water and calorie is is what I monitor. Well, these are a monitor now but put in the last few years and became very active physically. But the next one is credit, your credit score. I don’t do it anymore. I used to do it. I have not really done anything with credit in the last 1011 years. I don’t care what the credit score is and all that. But for people who are starting their life or starting their careers or trying to acquire things credit score makes it easier. But I don’t give a lot of value to it. But if you do, then you need to be monitoring your credit score on a daily basis on a daily basis. Because anything could happen. Somebody could put something on your credit that’s gonna make your life miserable, you know unless you don’t resolve it.

So you got to monitor that. Then I also watch screen time. I spent a lot of time on my phone which I shouldn’t be. My goal is to reduce my screen time. It’s very hard in the world that we are in. There’s so much technology playing against you so much AI some so much of it’s so hard to beat these bots But, you know, these are designed to keep you on the apps and on the platform, it’s crazy what’s going on. But you got to, you know, control it, control it, I’m not saying get rid of it, but control it. There’s one other thing I also monitor a lot. In fact, this is, I would say this is a measure, not necessarily monitoring, which is I also watch my gratitude. Gratitude, I think I did a podcast episode this long time ago, every day, I ensured that I say thank you three times, randomly to people who I meet, who are talking, and all that. And I also say sorry, three times.
So if you ever emailed me, there is a possibility that my opening line to you started with the word sorry. And these two words, thank you. And sorry, I promise you, there is no better way to practice humility. I’ve seen people pray, I’ve seen people write poetry and you know, all kinds of things people do, to express gratitude. seen it all, at least in the amount of time I have been at all this. But there is no substitute to thank you and no replacement for sorry.

Now, this is a measure. It’s not necessarily monitored, but I do watch my gratitude quotient. And these are the two attributes. I think those are the four or five, I think five of those. That’s it. Those are the things that I monitor, some fall in the physical health category, some fall in the finance category, some fall in the relationship category, and graduates fall in that. So if you say three times, thank you to your spouse your partner every day and say sorry, to your spouse and partner three times every day, your life is going to be amazing. I promise you. I think that’s about it. We can take this discussion into a career, I can find some things for you to monitor there. But besides the point, the podcast is not about, ideally, what everybody should be doing. It’s more what I do. And these are the five things I do. Hopefully, this is helpful. If it is let me know and I will be in touch as early as tomorrow. Stay tuned. Bye now.

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