NLP Expert and Real Estate Investor Bill Twyford to Reveal His Negotiation Secrets on

(PRWEB) May 2, 2006 — Using NLP Real Estate Investors can significantly increase their close ratios, sometimes as much as 40% to 60%,” says Bill Twyford.

Bill is a successful real estate investor with over 800 deals under his belt. In addition, he is a national speaker, author, motivator, and incredible teacher. He has taught thousands how to break down the communication barrier using his highly successful, one-of-a-kind concept: “Shut Up! and Stick To The Script!” and “The Secrets of Closing The Deal.”

How would you like to enter any buying or selling situation with total confidence knowing that you can handle any question that comes up? How would you like the feeling that you not only know the answers, but you’ve practiced and honed them? You’ll learn exactly what to say and how to say it to close any deal.

Whenever top real estate investor Bill Twyford heard a tough question or objection, he’d brainstorm and come up with the perfect answer. When that question came up again, he was ready with a powerful script. While agreeing to be interviewed on this teleseminar, Bill Twyford said, “The key to success in Real Estate or any field for that matter, is the way in which you speak, communicate and negotiate.”

On this expert TeleSeminar Bill Twyford will demonstrate how to use Language Patterns and proper Body Language to establish rapport, overcome toughest objections and communicate well with distressed homeowners.

Srini Saripalli of said, “There are a handful of real estate investors who truly understand and practice NLP, Bill not only practices NLP in real estate dealings himself but very passionately teaches this rare skill to everyone. I have personally benefited from his teachings and am proud to have him as our guest speaker on All our listeners will certainly benefit from his teachings.”

Do not miss this incredible man on this live Free-TeleSeminar. Are you ready to change your life for the better? Then register to this no-cost TeleSeminar and submit your question Your attendance in on first come first serve basis.

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