Self Improvement: Analyze and Overcome Your Fears In 3-Easy Steps!

Fear is a feeling with which we can never get the good we desire, or that something bad is going to happen that we do not want to happen but are powerless to prevent it. As soon as we know how to obtain the good, or to prevent the bad from happening, the fear is trans?­formed into hope which then sets up some form of action ??”physical, mental or spiritual and generally all three.

The more action that takes place the higher faith rises, for the flow of energy has been reversed with the reversal of belief. This continues until the problem is solved. We then move along on a plateau until some other situation arises which threatens our good. This starts another circle of fear to faith to accomplishment and peace. Or so it has been for generations but the key is to learn how to handle it briefly, fully and so repeatedly that overcoming fear becomes an automatic habit.

People who eliminated fear in life and created astonishing sucesss for themselves did that with a three basic steps. Most of them did it subconsciously while some scientifically worked towards overcoming them.

Here is a basic three step process on how you can start scientifically analyzing your fears starting now..

Analyze your problem for possible hidden fears.

Not all problems arise from fear. Sometimes a prob?­lem is the result of laziness, indifference, lack of accurate information or any one of many other causes. Problems of life are normal. They present opportunities for growth. Some problems present a happy challenge and contain no fear whatever

Analyze the fear you find

Untill you uncover the false belief that gave rise to this fear keep analyzing. Because you can never can get around this fact: ? ? ?  ? ? ?  all fear arises from a false belief.

Seek new information, facts which you understand and accept that will set you free from fear.

Seek new information, facts which you could accept and which in turn can give you a new belief and attitude towards ?  yourself, your problem and your life. This is?  a process of learning the truth which will set the you free from fear.

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