6 Things To Do Before The End Of The Year

6 Things To Do Before The End Of The Year

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Yesterday on the podcast, I said, I’ll be here with you tomorrow. And today is that tomorrow, and I’m here. So welcome back to success with Srini. Happy Wednesday, Hump Day to you. And on the podcast. Today I’m sharing with you six things that I am doing that I need to do before the end of this year. I have six weeks, we have six weeks, and I’m doing these six things. Now, six is a very conservative list, you can do 10 things, you can do 15 things, it all depends on you. But these six I’m doing I’m sharing with you, if you like them, take them, if you don’t like them, don’t worry about them. Okay, so let’s get into this.

The first thing I’m doing is I’m going to complete the course that I did not complete. I bought it with excitement, I thought I’m going to do it, but it did not complete. Whether it’s on Udemy, or it’s on Coursera, or wherever it is, you have a course I know you have a course you bought you did not complete. Go do it complete it, I have one. And I’m going to complete that before the end of this year. I want to spend one day tracking everything that I’m doing with a count of 15 minutes. So I’m going to pick a day between today and December 31 of your 2022. And I want to measure what I’m doing every 15 minutes. But important, if you really want to plan your time. Next year, it’s important. I did it pretty religiously for a long time. But I have not done it in a long time either. So I’m going to dedicate one day and I’m going to get this done. The third one on the list is I’m going to list everything that I have accomplished this year. I think I have accomplished a lot this year, at least the way I set myself up for this year. Quite a number of things, including this podcast, which was supposed to be a nonstop 365 days podcast, are not there yet. won’t be there till December 31. But has come a long way. So this was one of my goals for this year.

So I’m going to list everything that I accomplished this year. I know you have if you sit down, and take some time to list them, you’d be amazed at what all you have done. And I know you have done a lot. So do it. The next one on the list is to make a donation to an unknown entity, anonymously. Doesn’t matter one dollar $10 $100. You anonymously make a donation to someone and you don’t take pride in doing that you don’t go on social media and share that stuff. Do it for yourself. Do you know this one? I have done it. I’ve never shared this before, but I’ve done it. And I tell you there is a kind of peace that comes from it. I don’t think anything else can create that kind of peace. I don’t know, it’s very hard to describe in words, do it, feel it? Don’t talk about it. The next one on the list is I want to call some non-callers. Some non-callers people who I know who are my relatives may be friends. Maybe they’re not been in touch with me in the last 1015 2030 years. 40 years. I’m calling them and talking to them. I did a lot during COVID. I did not do a lot this year, but I’m going to spend some time. It doesn’t matter. Maybe five people, maybe three people maybe one person I don’t know. But I’m going to call this noncollege. They don’t call me they’re forgotten about me. But if I call them they know they will remember me. There are some memories with them. And I’ll call them that’s on my list. And then finally, a gratitude list. Things that you are really grateful for things that happened for you. Unexpectedly people showed up in life in the last, you know, 1011 months. You’re not expecting but they showed up they did something for you. Or something happened for you or you found yourself in a situation where you’re not expecting anything but somehow it just happened or whatever, right? So there are in enough reasons to be grateful that you woke up this morning that that in itself qualifies, that should go on the list. So grateful for your child’s education for your child getting a job for your child getting married for your child coming back home.

Somebody told me, my kid came back after seven years. I know, I know that that feeling, you know, you can’t relate to that feeling. If you’ve not gone through it, it’s very hard to describe some, whatever it is, whatever you’re grateful for, make a list. So these five things I’m doing. And I want you to do at least one, maybe two, you know, doesn’t matter. If you go on the internet, and you google this, things to do before the end of the year, people have, you know, a lot of stuff there. So if you think this list is not complete, or this is not something that speaks to you, then please google, please see what others are doing. This is what I’m doing. But others are doing many more things. Please follow or please copy or mimic or get inspired by anybody. Doesn’t matter, but do it.

Okay. That’s all for now. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and hump day. And I’ll catch up with you as early as tomorrow. And guess what? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. So Happy Thanksgiving to you. And so because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I’m going to spend some time today. And we’ll think about what I’m going to say and how I’m going to present tomorrow’s podcast episode. That’s going to make sense. Talking about a gratitude list in a sea gratitude list. I didn’t position the gratitude list towards the end of the list. It’s just happened. But then Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. We’ll talk about that tomorrow. For now. Stay tuned.

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