63 Years Old, Multiple Careers & No Success: Where Did I Go Wrong?

63 Years Old, Multiple Careers & No Success: Where Did I Go Wrong?

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Welcome back! Happy Hump Day to you on the podcast today I’m answering a profound question profoundly. It’s not that this question is anything great in itself. But it has elements that I think that applies to all of us. At some point, you meet all of us who have gone through this. This is a question from an individual who is going through a lot right now, someone who has done many things, but nothing has worked. And he is 63 years old and doesn’t know what to do now. And there is a regret here, which is, what if I will not accomplish anything? And I will die? Very deep question. Very philosophical. So first of all, thank you for this question. That’s the synopsis of the question. But it’s a well-written email explaining everything that’s happening. This email came in a while ago, and then there were some text messages also. So that’s how I got ahold of this question. Otherwise, I would have lost it completely. So thank you for keeping me accountable. As I said, this is a profound question in the sense that, at some point, every professional or every individual will get to a point where their life is not going to make sense to them, no matter how much that accomplished. It doesn’t matter what title you have, how much money you have, how many names fame you have, that comes to a point where none of these things, you know, you can’t identify yourself with them. And imagine someone who has written an email like this. After they’ve gone through the mud, I’ve gone through a lot. Okay, at least I sense it that way. What should I do?

Okay, so here is, here is how I see it all this. The court’s purpose. Anyone, everyone, whatever we are engaged in doing right now. We got to take time, and do something that will outlast us. That’s the core question you got to ask yourself. I’m taking the time I’m doing something well it outlasts me? See, over the years I have myself through my own projects, through my own ambitions, and also working with people. I’ve answered many questions. And people have things like this job, I’m making this kind of money, I’m unhappy, I want to change. I want to start something new, a business, and all kinds of questions I’ve attempted answering. But at the end, it all came down to this one line, which is what can I do? That will outlast me? This may not be the question. The way I’m representing, this is not the way you might be asking yourself, but this question is there. Whether you agree with me or not? This question is there in the unconscious part of your mind, this is the truth. The earlier you understand this truth, the easier this process becomes. So everything that we do, have we are doing right now, we are trying to do this because our work or whatever it is, there has to be an element where it’s going to outlast us and survive long after we are gone.

There are some incredible people who have done incredible things and you know, they’re gone for 100 200 500,000 years, 2000 years, that work is alive, they’re still alive. That is a blessing from the above. And I don’t know how that can be done. But if there is a blessing from the above, then it’s great. Sometimes you see people, who really know what they want to do in life. And they’re engaged, they’re committed, they’re dedicated, they just give everything they have to it. That is the thing through which they are known to the world. And that’s how they grow. They become big, and they become synonymous with that thing. But others are not that lucky. Lucky is a bad word. But others are not gifted that way. And the struggle they go through. Sometimes fighting with their self-esteem. I did a podcast a few months ago talking about how you should not do anything that is not in line with your self-esteem. I do this podcast or I do radio shows because this is in line with my self-esteem. If you put me in front of a camera, maybe I will. I’m okay with that. But if you put me on the stage, I’m okay with that. But whatever. This is the area of work that is in line with my self-esteem.

I’m not saying this is the work that’s going to get me to the outcome that I’m seeking. That’s not the point but this is in line with my self-esteem. So even if I encounter failure in the space, I’m okay with that because this is my identity. This is how I see myself. Many, many years ago, I came across a book that I bought, I don’t remember the book. But I did take notes from that book. If I come to recollect, I’ll let you know. The book was very simple. It said about five, six things that as an individual, we all have to do. And it starts out by saying, take time to cook. Interesting. Why do you take time to cook, food is available, you can buy you can, why do you need to take time to cook? Because cooking implicitly means that you are concerned about your health, you will do things that are not otherwise unhealthy to you, if you’re cooking yourself. So taking time to cook it’s an important element in self-development, cooking says to take time to work. Take time to play, take time to read. Take time to laugh. And take time to pray. So regardless of who you are, and what you do, these six things have to be in play. Your emotions are regulated, your goals are aligned, and you stay more composed as an individual towards whatever you’re trying to achieve. And then you will be now predisposed as a part of your work, or whatever you’re trying to do, you will automatically have the energy, the drive the creativity that is needed to do something that’s going to outlast you. So for this gentleman, who is 63 years old, and has done a lot of things, and has not gotten to the outcome, here is my answer to you. This was the outcome, the outcome was not that you are going to get to something, the outcome that the almighty designed for you was to experience all these things that in itself is the outcome. So for the next 10, 15, 20, 30, whatever number of years you have, I would suggest that you keep on experimenting, keep on trying to find that one thing that’s going to outlast you if you find it great. If you do not find it, you still went through this whole process of experimenting, exploring, and experiencing all these things. And whatever body of work that you leave behind, which doesn’t have to be a book or a manuscript or any of that. But people around you, like maybe your children, your grandchildren, whoever, they will see that they will absorb all that in some shape or form. And that is your biggest achievement. It doesn’t have to be a direct outcome for you. So I think you lived an incredible life, or you’re living an incredible life, I think you’re over-critical of yourself. And very few people have the ability to do multiple things. In a podcast many, many months ago, I said this, I have changed my career multiple times. And on average, I’ve seen successful people change their careers once every five years. And now I’m seeing people having multiple careers at the same time. So you are in an incredible diamond space, you meet all of us, where we can think and do anything literally like that, like that. So amazing. In the times that we are in right now, with the amount of technical information, the world is not the smallest place now people talk more about Mars and the cosmos or the moon now than at any time in history seriously about how to go to Mars, how to go to the moon, I mean, these are the discussions. It’s amazing. The times that I think the next 10 years from the age 63 to 73 or what, in the next 10 years, you will relive the last 63 years and more times. I think.

In fact, when I grew up, I want to have a lifelike you. Seriously, seriously. I want to do so many things. And I’m amazed when I hear from people who are doing so many things. So you have my respect. I wish you all the best. And for everybody else who’s listened to this podcast, I hope this is helpful, I hope the way I’m approaching this question, which in fact, is I think this question, this email was written in a very low at the bottom of an emotion. I’ll tell you, hopefully, you are recovered from that emotion. It’s natural to get to a low point and then feel that you know you have nothing but the truth that you have a lot going for you and I’m happy for you. That’s all for now.

Hopefully, this is helpful if it is let me know and I’ll be back here again tomorrow with another topic or question of the day. Stay tuned.

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