Quality Of Your Life In Question? Do This...

Quality Of Your Life In Question? Do This…

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Welcome back to success with Srini on the podcast today, I will continue my thought from yesterday. And also independently, I have something else to share today on the podcast. So yesterday, I took up a question from a 63-year-old listener of this podcast telling me or asking me about multiple careers. He has multiple goals he has or multiple ambitions he had or continues to pursue. But he has nothing to show until now. And he’s worried about his time here. And he’s not sure whether he’s going to ever have his expectations met in his life. I answered that question yesterday on the podcast. And that is still there on my mind. And I went back and looked into the question one more time. And here is what we all need. And by the way, if you haven’t yet listened to that question yet, from yesterday, please listen to that. And you come back to this one, because on the app, as you’re listening, this is going to play first, and then that is going to come up next. But I want you to listen to that one first before you come here.

That way, today’s podcast is going to make sense. So here is what I think when people have doubts about their careers about what they’re doing. And when their expectations are not met, their effort is high. And they’re expensing more than they’re making. You know, we all want absolute certainty. In everything that we are doing, we want joy, we want fulfillment, we want completeness in everything that we are attempting to do. And the quicker we have that the more we are in sync, the more we feel grounded, I mean, the more we feel that we are in the flow, not that ground, but we are in the flow and the flow creates more momentum. Sometimes, we get that certainty right away, in some projects, in some projects, we don’t. So this gentleman asking me about, you know, 63 years old, so many things have done, nothing has worked out for me. So the question is more about the quality of life. So somebody’s telling him that he doesn’t have, or he shouldn’t be having what, by this time, he shouldn’t be having everything, and he has not. Now, every life is unique, every individual is unique. Just because all of us have the same jobs, all of us have the same income doesn’t mean that we’re going to have the same quality of life. But what is important here is understanding what creates results in life. We now know that in order to create results in life, you need to have positive habits. There’s only one thing I will focus on habits, I want you to look into all the habits that you have got going right now, how many of them are positive?
How many of them are negative, negative habits have negative consequences? positive habits will have positive consequences, very simple. Postural habits will have rewards, negative habits do not. So I want you to take some time today. And I want you to start listing all the habits according to you are negative, and then go to the next person who is spending most of their time with you. Or you’re spending most time with someone and tell them, hey, here are some of my negative habits. What do you think they may know you, they may not know you, but at least they will give you a different view on what you think are your negative habits. And amazingly, it has happened with me, which is, every time you call something a positive, they’re going to call it a negative. So now you have to think. So if you take your time, your income, your wealth, your health, your relationships, and you sum it up. Okay, you sum it up, that’s the life that you live today. And that life is the thing that you don’t like, let’s say and you’re unhappy with it, it means 90% of that is negative habits, negative behavior, which is again habits, so 90% of whatever life that you have today, that you know that can be easily tweaked by bringing in bots, some positive habits. I hope I’m clear on this. Now let’s talk about the thing that I wanted to highlight the thing that I had on my mind, which is I’ve been getting questions from people about basic things. So if you listen to this podcast, you’re a regular listener of this podcast. You see, there are these are basic questions. There’s nothing groundbreaking. And these are the questions the basic questions with which we struggle. The struggle is always in the basics. The struggle is not in the top 1% It’s in the bottom 1% which are basically the foundational elements.

So If somebody is asking questions like, I do not know what I’m doing with my career, I’m not sure what I’m doing with my investments with my relationships with my time with my health. If I want to generally answer the question, here is where my mind goes, you do not have your goals in place. And you wake me up in the middle of the night, early in the morning, from a deep sleep, I’ll tell you this, you do not have your goals. You’re just flowing with time doing stuff. Or you have some goals in your mind that are not somewhere written down. The things that you think are goals are not necessarily goals. You don’t have clarity into them. And because you have not written them down somewhere, you don’t have any clarity. You don’t know if ask you what’s your goal. You don’t know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Simple. This gentleman is 63 years of age, and there are some goals that he has. But if I asked him, if I’m coaching him, what are the top 10 goals you have? Okay, and those 10 goals have to have to be coming out from 100 goals, not just 10 goals. If I asked you what are your top 10 goals? You can’t show me 10 goals, you need to show me 110? Tell me the top 10.

You don’t have them? That’s the problem right there. Okay, how did you prioritize these 10? Okay, and how are you visualizing these goals? How do you reflect on these goals? What do you have to do to accomplish these goals at least in some shape or form on a daily basis? in some shape or form? For some outcomes?

No answer. I did a podcast on this earlier at the beginning of this year, where I talked about creating clarity and goals. And by the way, when I say goals, you know I also struggled with it. So I’m not a master in this. So don’t, because I’m speaking here, I’m loud, doesn’t mean that I’m mastering this, I’m still learning. This is an ocean. There are so many different ways to approach a goal. It’s so hard to take mastery. So difficult. Sometimes, when I think I have control on it over a certain goal, I read something somewhere that completely challenges my thinking. And I’m like, wow, sometimes when I talk to my mentors, I have multiple of them. They challenge me with some of my goals. And I’m like, Man, I got this surah. So get your goals in place. Whether you have an income goal, whether you have a health goal, a relationship, goal, a career goal, whatever it is, get, get it prioritized. Get it understood. I’ll give you a quick, quick formula very, very quickly. On the top of my head. Here is how I clarify my goals. Okay, very quickly. First of all, my goals had to be my own, I create the goals, I don’t create goals, because I saw my mentor create one or I saw somebody who I love or respect or somebody in the media who has a high presence, they have set some goals for themselves. So I should have them. Somebody says I just made a million dollars in one month, I should also make million dollars now. Absolutely. Total nonsense. I may take 20 years to make a million dollars, I’m okay with it. Just because somebody did it doesn’t mean I will do it. That’s not my goal. Very clear. Could be a wish, I get it not a goal. Because for a goal for that to become a goal, a lot of things have to happen.

Okay, for example, every goal has to be meaningful. Does that million dollar have to have some meaning for me if I’m not creating that meaning what’s the point? So it has to be my own. It has to be meaningful, it has to be very specific. Whatever it is, it has to be very flexible. people set goals, but they’re not flexible with them. I’ve set some goals that have been flexible with them for over 20 years, I set a goal to climb Everest, and I’ve been flexible every year, not happened yet. I made some attempts here and there but has not happened. Something that’s challenging, something that’s exciting. Something that’s aligned with my core values, every goal that I set has to be aligned with my values has to be very balanced because there are some other people who depend on my time and on me. So I just can’t create goals that are out from nowhere and throw them on, throw them on them. No, no way. Are we very realistic when I set goals I had to be very, you know, spirited when I set these goals. So there is an element of contribution. There’s also an element of support that I seek. So when I set goals that contribute to the people who do But not me. But at the same time when I’m creating these goals, I want to make sure that they’re supporting me also. So there are so many elements to this. So you just can’t wake up and say I’m good. It’s very interesting, very funny. Back in the day when I used to do workshops, people would come and write goals. You know, there is an exercise there for 10 or 15 minutes, write some goals, people write goals, and then I go and kind of disqualify all the goals in an in a good way. I disqualify them. I tell them, I’ll give them this list. I say Listen, did you apply all this like No, have not applied all this? And how come this is a cool service you have? So listen, the lack of happiness, the lack of joy, fun in anything that you’re doing, the lack of something out of line with you, whatever you’re trying to do, is because you don’t have goals and work on the goals.

This is a wonderful time we are end of September now. And the three more months left in 2023 is right here. Get your hands on goals. Okay? And you will make your yield raise the quality of your life I promise you. Okay, that’s all I have on from the top of my mind this morning. You enjoy your day, wherever you are, and I’ll catch up with you as early as tomorrow. Keep listening.

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