Creating Lasting Change: The Triad of Peace, Focus and Energy

Creating Lasting Change: The Triad of Peace, Focus and Energy

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Today on the podcast, I’m extending my thought from yesterday, just today, I answered a listener question. The question was about focus, what to do when you cannot focus? But will the question and I said that there is a lot of literature available that can tell you how to increase your focus. But there isn’t a lot that’s available, or at least not in context. Wherein they tell you what you have to do. Once you lost focus, the recovery of focus is expensive. That was my point on yesterday’s podcast. Please listen to yesterday’s podcast before you listen to this. Because if you’re listening to this on a podcasting app, this will play first. And yesterday’s podcast will play second, I suggest you listen to yesterday’s one first, and then come back and listen to this one. I’m just continuing where I left off yesterday, every time a listener calls in, or texts me with a question, they’re trying to make a change. And they have come to a conclusion that the change that they’re trying to make is expensive, not from a monetary standpoint. But from a time standpoint, they have given it, whatever they have, their understanding their effort, their time, they have given to that change that they’re seeking. And now they’re not able to, and they are feeling that they are wired far away from the outcome. So they reach out. And people like me, and me, we believe at least I believe that nobody can create a change within you, other than yourself. And I’ve said it multiple times that the best individual who knows you is you. Because you deal with your stuff unconditionally.

The challenge is because you’re so close to yourself. Sometimes you can’t use your eyes to see yourself. All you see your reflection, you see yourself in the mirror, but you don’t see yourself. Others can see you I can see you. If I meet you, I can see you and I have a different image in my mind. Different than what you had, because you only see yourself in the mirror. And philosophically, this discussion is deep, what I’m trying to say deep, but hopefully you get the point. So when you can’t see yourself, how do you make changes. The only way to approach change is because you can think your thoughts. You can analyze your feelings and emotions. And that’s the only mirror you have really to see yourself. But sometimes these are also convoluted. These are difficult, very difficult to tame emotions difficult to contain feelings very hard, it needs a lot of practice, it needs yes and years of effort. If you’re naturally inclined, then great. But then it’s very difficult once you are not blessed with that part of the mind. But the good part is it’s a learnable thing, it can be learned. So there is lot of information again, how you can do it. All you have to have is that inquisitiveness within you that I do seek that information, then you should get it clearly. The simple way to really get focused back. This is a technique that I use. And I’ve talked about this, I’ve done videos and talk shows and seminars. Because I’m also looking and I’m also seeking answers.

So turns out that if you go back to yesterday’s podcast, and I said this year, I said you know there is an inside world, there is an outside world. Inside, you make some modifications outside, you make some modifications, and most of the times these modifications, the things that you need to modify are clearly known. I talked about this on yesterday’s podcast, you modify those, you get back focus on it over time, we’ll get back focus. But it’s better to prevent the situation from happening. So once you are in the flow, it’s better to maintain the flow and keep the momentum going. Every time you start something and you get excited you start and you drop off. Every restart is expensive. So you’ve put the first gear on in your car or on the bike. The ride is smoother when you get to the top most gear and your goal is to get to the top most gear. If you keep on starting the car and you keep on switching it off the ignition, then you maybe every 10 seconds to stop the car, you can’t get to the destination you get to the point so Prevention, fairly simple way to prevent focus from going away, which is to put in a good self talk routine.

Recently, two weeks ago, I talked about this on one of my radio shows three weeks ago, a good self talk routine. In the self talk, you talk about your goals, your purpose, your actions, your intentions, you clarify them as a part of your self talk. Now, very simple self talk means you talk to yourself. The problem is, people do not have a good self talk. Each one of us, we all talk to ourselves, that’s why we are who we are. We are humans. Every individual internally talks to himself or herself, that talk most of the times his negative things like why this is happening to me, how come this happening to me why things don’t happen the way I expect them to happen? When will these things get When will I get them right or when they will get themselves right before I get what I want, why people are like this, why situations are like that. So this is the general gist of the talk sequence. Not with everyone, but most. And that is why an industry called self improvement, personal development, coaching, mentoring therapy types. Because the root of everything is the talk. But there is also another route to this, which is you cannot fix a talk unless you fix the thought. So thinking is important. And that’s what I was making a point yesterday. What two years ago, I did a video, it’s available on my YouTube channel, talking about how to make inner positive changes. And I said, self talk is what modifies your soul. So you wake up in the morning, you curse yourself, you curse the higher power, you curse people around you curse events and things and everything around you, then what you’re doing is you’re casting your soul.
Now once the soul is disengaged, is broken, it stepped upon, then it’s very difficult to create something big or anything big. So I, you know, upbringing is important. You did not have a good upbringing, then once you gained awareness, it’s in your hands right now, to really groom yourself from this point on doesn’t matter how old you are about how young you are.

Now you say, Okay, I’m gonna take charge of this, whatever it is, and I’m going to build the next 5, 10, 15, 20, whatever number of years, I’m going to build it my way. And I’m going to undo that which has been done to me when I was not in control. How to do this? Well, again, you bring in positive words, thank you. Welcome. You put in a talk sequence. You say now that I’ve got on this day. And again, I’ve done multiple podcasts on this. And you know, why talk is important and what kind of a talk you have to have more than happy to send you those recordings. If you need them, let me know just text me. In the self talk, I don’t find fault with anyone, I take responsibility. In the self talk, I show gratitude in the self talk, I express my feelings to the higher power to myself. And it’s very simple sequence. Why? Because I want to engage the soul self talk is the only way to engage the soul. And that is why it now says all these things come in within the space of self talk. So you talk to your soul. That means you’re talking to yourself. If you’re talking to yourself, you better talk the right way. Using the right words in the right context. When you do that, and you do that, effectively, you’re you’ll create peace, but a good self talk routine eliminates scattered thinking automatically, if you remove scattered thinking scattered thoughts. That means the dominant thought takes the mind space. If there is only one thought that takes the mind space that dominates completely takes the space then you now have focus automatically. Now there is more to self talk. A good self talk routine also creates trust. And trust means that every time you see yourself in the mirror you have positive reflection of you. A positive reflection creates energy. We will ask this question Where do I get energy? Posture reflection then And now you are that’s the secret. That’s that’s what takes you to that screech, the change. So the three elements to any change, focus, energy and peace. And the entire life is between these three things. The Triad, peace, focus energy, I just wanted to add this. And I forgot as a part of yesterday’s podcast.

So I’m glad because the support cast usual radio shows we can’t do that because I’d wait for a week or whenever my next show is. But then on a podcast like this, I can come back and add an undo myself at a whole different level. Hopefully this is helpful. And if it is, let me know. And we’ll have some more discussions on this in the coming few days. That’s all for now. Wherever you are, be safe, and I’ll talk to you as early as tomorrow. Bye now.

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