Everything You Deserve Is On The Other Side Of Fear

Everything You Deserve Is On The Other Side Of Fear

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Welcome, and welcome back to Success with Srini, a daily podcast on human design, Human Engineering human excellence. As I’m recording the podcast today, this is January 21 2022, which is a Friday. But this podcast is going to go live tomorrow. So it should be a Saturday morning for you, which is the January 22 2022. Happy Saturday morning to you if you’re listening to this on the Saturday.

And the reason why I’m recording this little bit earlier, is because I can, that’s the beauty of podcasting, you can pre record, you can re record. And you can also replace record. Let’s say you have a podcast that you published a long time ago, three, four or five years ago. And then since then, your understanding changed. My understanding changed. I’m constantly trying to expand my thinking. And I go back and listen to the old podcast. I don’t like it. I don’t like the way I said a few things. I could replace that recording with the new recording. Without losing stats. So amazing. Can’t do that on radio, radios real time. It’s gone. It’s gone.

Okay, coming back to the podcast, I happen to get a question that I would like to answer that on today’s podcast. This is from a listener who has been a relatively new listener to my radio show. Now he listen to this podcast, asking this question. I live long question. I’m going to cut it down. “I am constantly living in fear. Do you think hypnosis will help?” That’s the gist of the question. constantly living in fear.

First of all, I’m sorry. I understand. I can relate to your situation. Because I also have lived in fear. The way I answer questions on this podcast is I put myself in your shoes. So I cannot tell you what you should do. But I can tell you what I would do. If I wake up in your shoes. I do the same thing on my radio shows too.

Every time I have seen people worried, frazzled by everything that’s happening around them. And including myself, I have also lived in that state. It means that I have forgotten the dream. What am I doing? What is my bigger goal? What I want to accomplish? Where do I see myself 5, 10, 15 years from today? What’s the end outcome that I’m seeking? I have forgotten the dream. Every time I forgotten the dream? Doubt has stepped in lack of clarity, constant state of doubt. That means I’m second guessing myself, I’m questioning myself, I’m losing myself. And every time I have removed myself successfully from that state is when I decided to cut off all other possibilities and I committed to the outcome.

Every time there is a second or third possibility in the mind. The mind always questions the first possibility.

It challenges the first possibility means that we are creating a psychological construct, to question the possibilities that we, otherwise have within us. So dream has to be big, doubt has to go away and doubt goes away when we decide.
Every time I have lived in fear is when I forgot to respect risk. If I love risk, if I respect risk, it’s okay to let fear exist. So I understand risk. I respect risk. Everything that I’m doing has an element of risk then I’m psychologically better prepared. So I respect risk. Every time I lived in fear, I’ve seen that there is some lack of preparation. Somewhere there is lack of something mostly preparation. So what skills, what talents, what know how, what knowledge, what insights I need to deal with my situation? Where do I acquire those? How do I acquire those? How quickly can I acquire those? I ask those questions.

Be in the flow

In order for me to overcome fear I need to be in the flow. A flow means I’m not focused on my past. I’m not focused on the future as much. I’m constantly thinking what do I need to do now? How do I deal with the events that are happening today with me and around me?

Constantly in the flow. I’ve also seen every time I have gotten into fear mode is when I have dropped physiology. So I’m not working out, I’m not exercising, I’m not going to nature, I’m not meditating. That means my psychology is affected by my physiology.

Psychology follows Physiology

So, go workout, go meditate, go run, go swim, go climb, go hike. Because psychology follows physiology. As simple as that.
One last thing, maybe two last things. I stopped consuming news, ever since I stopped consuming news, my life has improved, we cannot completely stop consuming, but there are restrictions that I have put in. It’s a lot of negativity in news. I’m not worried about what’s happening to someone, somewhere, millions of miles away from me, who has absolutely no context with my current existence and with my current flow. So, a lot of negativity in the news. I don’t want that to occupy my mind space.

Whoever we are, we all are enough

And finally, as a closing comment, you probably tell yourself, I keep telling myself, am I enough? I questioned myself. The answer to that is, whoever we are, we all are enough. You see, we all are okay. Now that we decide that, yes, we are enough, then we need to start dealing with our situations with whatever we have. If something comes in, if some external help comes in, it’s okay. But then we are okay to deal with our situations by the virtue of who we are, and whatever we have. And that’s the starting point.

Let the fear be there

And fear has no existence of its own. It’s created by a psychological construct, by us with our own thinking. And will make it so big that it completely overshadows us. So it’s okay to accept fear. It’s okay to understand fear. It’s okay to respect fear. Let it be there. Because we are humans, we can’t take it out. So let it be there. But then we got to tell ourselves that we are more powerful than our fears. That’s all. That is the decision point. That’s what I do. I love fear, I respect fear. It’s their number of respect, fear, I respect risk. So because of risk, fear is always there. But I always tell myself that I have what it takes to overcome it. That’s how I would approach this. And that has consistently taken me to freedom. Not the complete freedom but freedom in bits and pieces.

Hopefully today’s podcast is helpful. If you like it, rate it, comment, share it with your friends, family. I’ll be back here again tomorrow. For you tomorrow, for me maybe today, who knows.
Take care. Bye now.

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