How to Document Your Legacy: In 2022 & Beyond

How to Document Your Legacy: In 2022 & Beyond

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Today’s podcast episode is for you if you are in your 40s 50s, and even 60s. It doesn’t mean it’s not for you, if you’re in your 20s and 30s, it’s for everyone. But then I think if you’re in your 40s 50s, for sure you will connect with today’s message. The 60s, for sure you are with me if you’re in your 60s and beyond. And before I get going before I get started Happy Friday to you, because it’s a weekend, I’ll keep this very simple and precise. Okay, so you can think about this over the weekend. Okay, what are the next two days Saturday and Sunday? So the question is this question is, at this point in time in your life, you need to be thinking about your time here. 40s 50s 60s. That’s the time when we start thinking and how long we have, what’s the duration left? And what do we need to do with our time? So at any point in time in everybody has lived 50% of their life. So we don’t know what’s going to be like tomorrow. So we are above 50%, at any given point in time.

The question of legacy comes in the question of, and what happens after me, everybody wants to become immortal. This is the truth. Everybody wants to be remembered. Everybody wants to be cherished, long after they’re gone. If you historically go back, you’ll see that back in the day, people used to build cathedrals and temples, big buildings, big monuments, that’s the right word monuments. And that’s how they wanted to be leaving the legacy behind. That’s how they wanted to be remembered long after they’re gone. Then some people who could not build big monuments, they were doing paintings or writings, things like that. Along the way, books came by manuscripts that were before the books, but then manuscripts on palm leaves, if you go to different parts of the world, you will see manuscripts written on stones and in the mountains and things like that. And then afterward, books happened. And people started writing books, journals, and things like that. Then along the way, people started filming their stories, and obviously, audio, the video was all that came in. But we are in a time right now, where we can effortlessly leave our legacy behind. And a question that crossed my mind in 2017, and 2018 was if I’m going to go to Mount Everest, which was one of my goals, which I attempted in 2019. And given that, you go into an extremely dangerous place like that, again, the danger is relative. I never thought that to be a danger, but then people around me thought it is a danger, it was a danger.

If you look at statistics there, there is a decent amount of death rate, even though it’s not alarming, but still there is and people do die on the mountain. So the question that did cross my mind is if you go to Everest if I go to Everest, and if I don’t come back, then what is the message that I need to send to my children. So one of the projects I started working on right before I left for Everest, which I did not complete, was recording a bunch of the messages, the values, and beliefs that I would like my children to have, in case I don’t come back, not that they need it. But then I wanted to do it only for my children to record a bunch of videos and talk to them at different stages of life. And leaving those videos for them. I never completed it. But I did record a lot of those videos. And giving them some history about the family and you know where we come from and all that. So something they wanted to leave behind that was my only legacy, in my mind was to leave behind the story for them so that they can refer to it if they need it. Now, has it ever happened to you where a loved one of yours left? unexpectedly? You had some questions for them. And now you don’t know what to do. And you don’t know where to go.

So this was a thing that crossed my mind. What happens I leave and they have some questions for me and I’m not there to answer so I had to fabricate the question, I have to answer the question on a video and leave it behind for them. I tried. Now the reason why I’m sharing this with you today is a lot of those values are now I am leaving on this podcast. So if I have to train my child as an entrepreneur, I’m going to help my child in self-improvement or whatever I’m going to Want to leave that in this podcast? Now, I’m not expecting them to listen to this, I’m not expecting them to study me through this podcast, but I’m leaving it behind just in case. Now, today, we all have this opportunity to leave a legacy behind, primarily our work if need be. And one of the other ways to leave legacies obviously trained a bunch of people, you know, a bunch of students in whatever skill that you have. Now, that may not directly pass on to your children, your grandchildren. But then given the presence of social media, you can leave your Facebook account for your children, you can leave your YouTube account for your children, you can leave your website for your children bunch of information about who you are, what your values are, what your beliefs are, what your experiences are, what your skills are all that to your children and grandchildren and the next generation if you want to if you take your mind there if you take your mind that my father left a bunch of his observations of life. For me, he wrote 30-40 Different diaries for journals that he’s locked behind for me, I say left behind, he has not he’s not gone, he’s dead, but then some of his cognition because of a stroke. And he lost his memory because of a stroke. But now he has left behind a lot of writings, his writings that I can read if I want to.

The question now becomes is what is the most effective way to leave a legacy behind? Given that there are so many options available? What should you do to leave your legacy behind, and what’s the most effective mechanism to do so? I was thinking of my website, but my website is a website that is going to go down after I’m gone unless it is held through some other means. But it’s a paid website, or I pay every month to run my website at about $40 a month. So it’s going to go down it just you know, the website is not a mechanism to leave behind anything. It’s a good place to structure things, but it will run after you is a big question. If it runs at all if it turns green. So it’s a big question mark there. Then comes your Facebook account. Let’s talk about Facebook for a second. Facebook, usually retire the Facebook account after you’re done. Facebook expects that only active people be there on the platform. active people interact with active people, real people interact with real people. So they can do an ID request from you at any point in time they can do expect you to validate that you are alive and you’re you are who you are, so that they don’t allow fake people on there are fake identities on the platform, if you are gone, they expect that you nominate someone who will take care of the account after you are gone. So if you have not done that yet, do it quickly. But I did that already. So that’s a part of my time gone than I expect my children to close my Facebook account down. Then talk about podcasting. This podcast is a paid podcast. So every month I pay to run this podcast. So a hosting fee, I pay about $30 a month.

Now, once I’m gone, and I’m not producing this, I’m not expecting a $30 monthly fee to keep this podcast alive either. So this podcast is very contextual. It’s timely. It’s done. It’s done. It’s over. It’s over. I don’t I’m not expecting people to go back and listen to all the podcast episodes, specifically my children on my all the people who are expecting to listen to me to take this and listen to every episode of this podcast. I don’t think that’s going to happen. So now the question becomes is, how can you make your information perpetual? Well, here is where YouTube comes in. YouTube is a place where you can record and post and leave behind all your knowledge, all information, everything. And something that I did not do. I blame myself for not doing this. Over the years, I’ve seen YouTube evolution happen in 2005. It started in 2007, I opened my YouTube account. I never did anything over the years. And the only place where I focused all my energies was on the radio. But radio again is in the moment.

You know, broadcast or in the moment information, if people don’t listen to you, it goes away. So in comparison to radio, a podcast is better because there is some level of persistence or some level of existence beyond simply the radio part. So people can go back and refer to your podcasts if they want to. But then YouTube could be fresh. Everything you do on YouTube is fresh, everything is perpetual. Everything is going to stay hopeful, hopefully again now, that also is a question mark. But then, for now, YouTube is free. So where am I going with all this? If you ever wanted to build your legacy, and you really don’t know what the real mechanism is, my first and foremost suggestion to you is for you to build all Your legacy on YouTube. So everything like all your ideas, experiences, no house, the journey that you had, everything can be documented, everything should be documented and put on YouTube, available to everyone into your children, your friends, your family, anybody everybody sees, listen, the whole world is a family. Right?

If you think about it, the whole world is your family and you are a unique individual, you there is nobody ever going to be like you. Right, 32 chromosomes from the mom 32 chromosomes from the dad, unique combination, I don’t know a trillion different combinations would have come from this to the 32 chromosomes from each and you are this unique individual made. And nobody else is going to be like you ever in the history of this world anymore. There can’t be so you have something unique to you. So that uniqueness can be preserved today, thanks to the technology, thanks to all these social media, all this available to us. And I think that you should work towards taking all that and putting that together and building. If you want to, again, if you want to, I’m not saying you should. But if you desire to, I don’t plan on doing this either. And, you know, here is my mindset, I don’t want anybody to remember me long after I’m gone. I’m doing this because there are a lot of things that I shared on the radio over the years in my seminars and workshops, that I want to take in bits and pieces and make it available to people not because they have to remember me but there is some message there that’s going to help them. So here’s what I’ve done. And the start of this year, I’ve taken chunks of information that I think is relevant and helpful to people. And I started to turn them into small YouTube videos, and I’m posting them on my channel. That’s all I’m doing now. And this is my legacy project, which I started.

And I’m going to wrap this up over the next five or seven years, depending upon how this goes. And at some point, his life has to stop, or I will stop. And I get to a point where I say I have nothing else to share, I’m done with this, I don’t think that’s going to happen. I don’t want a moment in my life where I don’t have anything else to share with people. And my time is up, I don’t want to be in that state. So I want to be a step ahead, which is I’m sharing and then I’m sharing, and then I’m sharing, and then I’m gone. That’s the state I want to be in. So enough information is all put together in a concise manner that can be digested that can be seen in left behind on a YouTube channel. That’s the platform of preference today, as of today. So that’s where I’m focused on right now. And I wanted to share this feeling with you today. Because I want you to start taking yourself seriously beyond your time here. If you have some experienced knowledge, you know how that you gathered and we all gathered over the time, it’s impossible to live a life and not have experienced so take that, you know build it up. Maybe for your kith and kin, or maybe for your friends or extended or people who you will meet long after you’re gone. And thanks to YouTube. And thanks to social media in general that we can meet people long after we are gone. It’s powerful positioning. It’s amazing.

This whole thing is thinking about it over this weekend. And give it a deep thought how you can do this. I think I give a reason why you should do this question becomes is how you do it. The regardless thing you should do it. Okay, that’s all for now. You take care. I was trying to keep this very short. It’s gone nearly 14 minutes now. Okay. That’s it. We’ll talk tomorrow. Stay tuned.
Bye now.

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