How To Know When To Leave

How To Know When To Leave

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Welcome back to Success with Srini. Happy Friday morning to you, the start of the weekend. I’m going to keep today’s podcast very simple to the point. And I’m going to answer a question. The question is, how to know when to leave? Specifically, this question is coming from a career standpoint, how to know when to leave a job? On this podcast? I have answered this question multiple times. And there are numerous episodes I have done specifically for career-minded professionals. And I have gone through this question. Now, every time a question like this comes in, there are two sides, there are two answers to this question. The two sides, two parties, the first party is them. And the second party is you. So there are things that have to happen from their side. So that you leave, and there are things that have to happen from your side so that you will leave. So let’s talk about their side. Okay.

First and foremost you have started to see that they have stopped taking your suggestions. They’re not seeking you out. You’re not been consulted. And you’re not been copied on the crucial email, that’s the second step. So first is they’re not seeking suggestions. Second, if they’re not consulting with you, you’re not being copied on crucial emails, then the last one is, there is no raise and there is no appraise. So they’re not promoting you. And they’re not giving you more money. And maybe they’re not also giving you any crucial work to do or any relevant work for you to do. So these are from their side. And from your side, small things have started to take a lot of time. Because you have started to feel that you are not valued. That means there is no fun, there is no happiness you’re deriving means it has become a routine. And everything has started to become harder, the basic things have become harder, that’s the first indication that you have to live or you have to dress. Something is a mess. You don’t know what it is, but something is a mess. And it is a missed for a long time. And you’re not able to find what’s happening. So your mood is not elevated, and you have a conflict within you. And that conflict reflects at home, not at work but at home. So at work, it’s dissatisfaction at home, it’s rage and anger and all that. That’s the time that you should change. Then the last one is you become anxious. And you are in a hurry when it comes to anything at work. So you’re anxious about what’s going to happen to your job, to your role, to your growth, and all that. And then you are in a hurry to kind of do something to get something.

Now, none of these things will play out in that sequence. They may all play out in different ways. But you get the idea. So a lot has to do with you than about them. Because usually what we get from an environment is how we happen to the environment. So our intentions are incorrect, we are not intentional about what we’re doing, we don’t bring the best side of us to the job to the worker on hand, then the environment reflects everything that we get from the environment is more or less our own reflection. So a lot has to happen and has to change within you. So sometimes it becomes expensive to make changes within yourself to fit into the environment. And that point you choose to leave and that’s perfectly fine. And people do leave. Now people never leave. Because the company is wrong because the money is wrong. I mean, it could be that but most people leave because of people. So you don’t have good relationships, you don’t have good friendships or good dynamics at work. And this has to do with other people, then chances are he will leave, and I’ve seen that happen numerous times.

SoI hope I answered the question. And of course, there are other different ways to answer this question. And depending upon where I am at a given point in time, I could answer this question differently. But these are some of the thoughts that are very dominant in my mind, as this question came in. Okay, That’s all for now I hope this is helping you go have a wonderful weekend and for me, I’ll catch up with you as early as tomorrow thank you

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