Focus on What Matters the Most

Focus on What Matters the Most

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Welcome back to Success with Srini. Today on the podcast, we’re talking about focus. And the title, the podcast is focused on what matters the most easier said than done. I tell you, it’s hard. If somebody will take me back in time, somehow into my 20s. And if I would have known what I’m sharing with you now, I’ll tell you, my trajectory would be completely different, a much more bigger and a meaningful one. If I would have known this early in my life, that’s the point. How to focus on what matters the most. So let’s take this concept of what matters the most. There are three things that matter the most. This is again, based on my understanding me working with people, me going through my own challenges me trying to stitch a life together, what I learned through my own life, and through working with people, the three things I learned, and I simplified this formula today, and I call it h, w. H. formula. So the first h in the formula is health, health, there are three parts to health. And again, you can break this down into multiple different ways, and multiple different parts, and all that but the three primary things in health.

The first is diet, you got to be careful what you eat and what you put into your system. You need to eat in proper portions spread out throughout the day, you measure what you’re putting in. And you understand what you are putting in that’s more important measure is not simply measuring the calories or the macros in the food in the diet. But understanding what you’re putting into your system. That’s step number one of the first part of the equation.

The second part is sleep. Achieving depth in sleep, getting an adequate number of hours through the night. Very important, most people miss this. And at one point in my life, I paid a heavy price, just because I was only sleeping two to three hours a day the night and I was not getting the proper sleep. Now I’ve gone on record. And I said this, a good amount of sleep is important, not the duration of the sleep. That’s also true. But there was a time when I was only sleeping two to three hours, but I was not getting the depth. So there are so many different podcasts I’ve done specifically talking about sleep, insomnia, and all that. And I’ve given all the different approaches that I have taken on this podcast. So I want you to just kind of go back in time and listen to some of the podcast episodes, and search for those titles. And you will find me addressing sleep specifically in multiple different podcast episodes.

The third part is circulation, blood circulation, the body. So here we talk about blood pressure and the unconscious functions of the body. And the best way to address circulation is that you are moving, you are exercising, you are working out. Whether you’re going to the gym or you’re cycling, or you are walking or you’re running whatever you’re doing, you need to do something so that you can circulate the blood in the system. Circulation means you’re burning calories circulation means that you are keeping the internal organs healthy. So diet, sleep, and circulation is an areas of focus. That’s the first area of focus because without health you have nothing, nothing, no amount of money, no amount of fame, name recognition, none of those things matter if you don’t have health. And I’ve seen this happen to you know n number of people in my life who had you know, all kinds of things going for them but they did not have the health, health important. Then comes w and w is Veldt. So the first one is health.

The second one is wealth. Okay, wealth has three parts to it. The first part is your active income. So your salary, your bonuses, your commissions, all that comes in your active income, the eight hours that you are putting in. Now, of course, you have business income, all that goes there, also, but business income also happens in the second category, which is the passive income. So active income has to be in place. And once you have that got going and once you have that in place, you go to the next part, which is the passive income in the passive income. You are now talking about rentals, rental income, you’re talking business income if you have some business that is running, you know, passively that you’re not a part of it. Then royalty income. If you have some residual income, for example, you recorded a song or something and it’s you know every time you play the song There is some royalty, you get paid all that. And once you’re out of that bucket, now the third part of this is what is called the portfolio income. Okay? Now portfolio income has things like capital gains, your shares, your stocks, your collectibles if you have any Cryptos, all that come under portfolio income. These are the building steps for wealth creation. So we got the health part we focus on, we focus on the wealth part, the second part.

And the third part, which I believe is the most important part, but I deliberately have put it in the third level because most people can relate to one and two. And three is when they graduate to wanting to that means they go through and face hurdles with their health, they face some challenges with their wealth. And that’s when they start valuing the third one, which is happiness. Happiness. Let’s talk about how do you create happiness, first and foremost, but also it has three parts to it. The first part is that you forget, you need to build an ability to forget, if somebody has done something to you, and has said something to you, you forget, it’s amazing even you forget, it’s a skill that you are, can be developed, some people are blessed with, then the second part to this is to forgive. So you forget. And you also forgive people, people who do anything incorrect to you. And you also forgive yourself, what’s even bigger, you made a mistake, something happened, something you did not do, right? You forget, and you forgive yourself, and you move on. And there are so many things I did. In fact, just a few days ago, I did an episode specifically saying talking about this one aspect. And I was quoting Lisa Nichols in her book abundance. Now, you know how to move past some of the mistakes of the past and don’t just make them as an excuse to move forward in life. I talked about that. So forgive yourself, and then you move on.

The third part is forward. And what do I mean by forwarding is, we constantly build our minds to stay inquisitive about life, what can I learn? What can I see? What can I observe? What can I simulate? What can I give up? All these things bring happiness. And forwarding also means that you pursue your passions, you pursue your hobbies, all that that’s how you forward yourself. So these are the three areas to focus on, we’ll start with help, followed by wealth, followed by happiness, and you want to alter these things you can, and once you attain this is very difficult to attain all these three miles away in the lifetime. But that shouldn’t be a concentrated effort. And they should be pursued to address all these three. We can do that. That’s how we know that we are focusing on that which matters the most. And of course, I didn’t even touch relationships and, and all those things. There are so many other things to this, but they all come under happiness.

That’s all for now. I hope this is helpful. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll come back and add some more thoughts to this in an upcoming podcast episode. But for now, this is what it is. And here we are. Talk soon, bye now.

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