How To Live a Positively Charged Daily Life?

How To Live a Positively Charged Daily Life?

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Welcome, or welcome back to Succes with Srini. Today on the podcast, I’m answering a question that has come in from a listener of this podcast and also my radio show, asking me how to stay positive throughout the day. And he describes the whole situation that he’s going through right now wakes up early in the morning, feels positive, feels good. But along the way to three hours into the day, he loses focus, loses energy, and spends the majority of the day being lazy. So how do you overcome this? The reason why I took this question is that this did not come in for the podcast.

This was a generic question. But I took it on to the podcast because I’m sure all of us have experienced this at some level. So hopefully, the answer would help everyone. So that’s my intent with this question. So there are some statistics we go by. And there are some strategies, obviously, but there are some statistics we go by. And statistics now show that if you spend a lot of time in nature, a lot of time and you do that frequently, then your energy levels go up. So you go out, walk, you run, you hike, you climb, you swim, and you spend time in the sunlight, obviously, there is a benefit of vitamin D and all that. But there is something about nature. And obviously, activity to so activities is what I meant by saying going in the sun and all but then interacting with nature means you really go out into the wilderness, and if possible, claim hike and all that, but just in the nature, so even under the sun is nature too. So a bunch of activities that are targeted, within which you spend time in nature is where we see that you have retained a huge magnitude of energy throughout the day, retained energy, so you can retain the energy that you acquire, okay, you acquire energy, but you retain that towards a larger scale, then there is also a spiritual side to this of energy. That means if you start your day, with some calmness, and with some isolation, seclusion with your own self with your higher self, so you do meditation, you do yoga, you do hypnosis, and all that, then they contribute towards positive energy. And I’m not talking about any religious beliefs, just time with yourself, within which you are doing some self-reflection, you’re doing some affirmations, and you’re connecting with your higher self. Immediately, maybe 15, or 20 or 30 minutes you do that, immediately, you will feel that you feel different.

That said, there’s no way to describe this. And that difference that you feel is nothing but you with your spiritual self. And the energy that you draw from that will sustain you throughout the day. And a part of that connecting with your spiritual self means that you are accepting who you are. And you’re accepting your past, you’re, you’re committing to the future, make quite a number of other things happen as a part of you doing that there’s power in it. That’s the point. Now, there’s another way, also, if this is done, also gives you positive energy, which is you wake up in the morning, or at some point in the day. And you start looking at all the good things that are happening in a way ignoring all the bad things. Everything that’s happening is good use you woke up this morning, you saw the sun, it’s good. That means good is happening to you. You woke up, you’re walking on your feet, good is happening to you, you’re able to eat your food, make your food, eat your food, make your bed, talk to people do this podcast, or listen to this podcast, I’m is doing this podcast, that means good is happening.

So good things happen in life. And our job is to keep finding them. Even though there is a lot of negativity, we keep on looking for the good things if you just take your mind that way. That means you know you’re counting your blessings. And the next one in this process, which is a very powerful one, which is help somebody’s need at some point in the day help somebody in need. And helping somebody in need creates a whole different kind of fulfillment at this point. We’re not talking about positive energy, of course, it creates positive energy. But we’re talking about something else altogether here.

When you contribute, you become better, you become fulfilled. Because somebody else will become better as a result of your contribution. It’s powerful. Then, after doing all this, let’s say after doing all the above, you still feel that you’re not getting energy. That means there is something incorrect in a perception So that needs a shift in the mindset completely. So that means you need hope. You need to get out of your negative circumstances, whatever something else is going on. That means you need to embrace your inner power to make your life better to the issue somewhere else. But if this is just about positive energy, discussion, everything that I shared with you right now, that’s enough. That’s enough, do one or two or whatever you can, you will have an incredible day. And you do that for a long amount of time, not just one or two days you do that, no, you commit yourself maybe 20 or 30 days of transformation. That means you’ll do the same thing over and over again, for 30 days, it becomes natural, it becomes just, you flow with it. This podcast started out as a daily podcast, I was struggling with this for the first, literally for the first month, even the beginning of the second month, which was the beginning of February, I was struggling with this knowledge became so natural, I’m in the flow. I’m not saying this is the best Podcast. I’m not saying I’m really good at it. I still miss my thoughts. I still mess up points. I’m trying to make the sounds around me. There are distractions around me. It’s all okay. It’s okay. And I know as a listener of this podcast, you are also forgiving. I know that too. I’m not saying that I’m not improving that it has improved quite a bit. But then I’m in the flow. That’s the point. So you got to get into the flow.

Okay, I want to stop here. Hopefully, today’s podcast is helpful. If it is, then do me a favor. Write me a review rate this podcast, share it with your friends and family, whoever you think will benefit from this. And we’ll talk tomorrow again, I’m here. Okay. Bye now.

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