Life is a Choice

He Can’t Walk… He Can’t Run. Lost his father at an early age, one of his brothers became insane early on. Other brothers found him to be useless, hence they cared less. With an undergraduate degree he wanted a job but neither he could fit into any reservation system nor he could bribe his way…

The society expected him to beg ….but he created his own destiny.

Watch this video.. it could very well change your perspective of what life is all about

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To Your Continued Success!

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23 thoughts on “Life is a Choice”

  1. Avatar
    venkatesh sivapur

    A very highly inspirational person he is. Just reflecting on myself , With all the gifts we have, still end up complaining about something or the other and giving excuses

  2. Avatar

    HI Srini,
    What could be more inspirinational than this man’s attitude in life, he could have enough complaints to ask the Lord why this has to happen to him!! We should be very very thankful if we have able bodies to handle our everyday affair, ask nothing more nothing less!!
    Srini I have started living again, before this I was comparing myself to my peers enough to die silently!!
    See you some times in person!!
    Harki Singh -Process engineer SemiConductor

  3. Avatar

    Hi Srini, This video really sets our prespectives back on the right track. We easily fall into the trap of complaining, blamimg and critisizing. To be happy we just need the right attitude.

    Thanks for sharing this inspiring video.

  4. Avatar

    This is definitely an inspirational video. Let me feel happy that a part of it has been videod by me. I am trying to fulfil your commitment of giving him the motorised tricycle at the earliest.
    your brother

  5. Avatar

    Hi Srini,

    It was absolutely a true demonstration of the basics of human life and what we all need to pay attention in order to be happy and enjoy life in stead of getting into the never ending loop of comparison, depression, complaining etc.. I hope it will be an eye opener for many.

    Appreciate your effort to spread this light.


  6. Avatar

    Really a heart touching story and a eye opener to all of us to be happy in life with whatever we possess and not to be unhappy about what we do not have in life.
    We have to ponder and Be Happy!!

  7. Avatar


    This is an excellent example of how a man can be so happy with such a short coming.Completing his Degree and doing his Business is a great inspiratonal story.


  8. Avatar
    Nanda from San Antonio

    People like him are truly an inspiration for many indivduals. One thing for sure, he has his heart and mind in the right place to top it off with a great attitude and smile. It all comes together when one knows their strengths and weaknesses and learn to accept and be comfortable with it. Most of all, our failures starts when we do not know what our goals are and when we are confused about what we want from this life…

    This man is a great example of how to face life no matter what the odds are. Bless his heart!

  9. Avatar

    Hats off to you and your friendship! You are lucky to have such a friend and he is even more lucky to have you as a friend!

    Life is definitely a choice you make!

  10. Avatar

    Hi Srini,

    Thanks for sharing this friend’s story. Truly inspiring and reminding me to look at the blessings and not at what is missing. Hope to hear of more such positive examples.


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