Five Steps To Achieving Your Goals

Success Tip Of the Day: Five Steps To Achieving Your Goals.


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Good morning friends and Listeners on the success tip of the day today, I want to share with you a five step plan on achieving your goals. Now we are into 2013 and today is day 3. Time is passing bye, if you don’t have a plan- a plan that is clearly calls out  all the steps that you are going to take, all the actions you are going to take and every part of its execution very clearly written down on a paper; then the chances are you may miss out on your goal in this year also.

There are five steps to this. Let me quickly give you what these are. If you take them into your mind and you take them into your life and you start executing on them you start seeing results. Guaranteed. Let’s get started.

  • Define Your Purpose. Who are you? Why are you doing things that you are doing things and what is the end outcome of seeking everything you are doing. Now these are the type of questions that you would be asking yourself right now. It is not about money. It is not about success. Not about fame. None of those things are true. What is true is there is an inner meaning. There is an inner reason why you are doing-what you are doing. Find it. Define it and that is going to be your purpose.
  • Take Responsibility . You see if you want to achieve greatness in life, you want to be a leader, take responsibility and the easier thing to do and the most attractive thing to do. Most people don’t do it. I don’t understand why? Because it is very easy. It’s very easy to take responsibility. But people, I don’t understand why people shy away from it.
  • Pay the Price Get ready to pay for them. The cost is not the money. May be it is the money but not always. It is hard work. It’s sleepless nights. It’s lost relationships. You got to go through this before you start seeing success. So if there is a cost that you have to pay get ready and pay it.
  • Develop Mastery in what you do. You are already a master. You are already an expert. Let the world know that you are there as an expert. Let the world know that you are the “go to master” when it comes down to any area of help people need or you could be an engineer or you could be a small business owner. You could be anything that you are today. You have years and years and years of experience. Why won’t you tell the world that you are the best. Please do it.
  • Don’t Quit And finally No.5. Through all these projects never give-up. Never give up. Because if you do then it’s all over. You have to reach it out. You have to begin again. Not worth it.

So those are the five steps. You find your purpose. Take responsibility for life, dreams come at a cost, get ready to pay for them. Become master in what you do and never give up. These are five steps.

Now if you are in my e-mail list you already seen this. But if you are not just go to my blog and click on the blog. There is a video there that I have shared with you. How I took three weeks of the last part of December and completely did introspection on myself and the findings that I found I am sharing with you on that video. Go to my site and click on the blog link and you will see the video there. That’s all I have for you.

Srini Saripalli wishing all the best. Have a blissful day and I will talk to you again tomorrow.

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1 thought on “Five Steps To Achieving Your Goals”

  1. Avatar

    Very True, We need to count our blessings and be thankful and use our resources for the best….
    Glad to have Srini as a friend.

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