Stop Chasing Perfection. It Doesn’t Exist.

Stop Chasing Perfection. It Doesn’t Exist.

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Welcome back to Success with Srini. Happy Friday morning to you, it’s a weekend. And as I say all the time, every time I come here, record on a Friday, I say this, I want to keep it simple to the point and precise. That’s the goal so that you can ease into your Friday to into the weekend. And Saturday is also a try to do the same. Keep it simple to the point. And then Sundays are sometimes a little bit heavier. But that’s the idea. That’s the thought that’s the intent. But then as I start recording, sometimes the topics become very deep. And sometimes if there are questions from listeners that I’m answering, then it kind of goes deep naturally. But if it is something that I am kind of sharing from my own side, then I tried to keep it very slick and low light, not low light. Okay.

So today is the September 30 of 2022. As I’m recording the podcast, I want to this is a milestone day for me, this is nine months of this podcast, running daily. Which no like without any break holidays, Saturday, Sundays. It has run daily. Now there are a few things I have done over the nine months, which I have done. Usually, my goal is to wake up early in the morning and record the podcast. And sometimes there are things that I need to cater to. Sometimes I need to wake up in the morning, go hike, climb, and all that. And it’s not possible to get a podcast recorded because not that I have a clear idea of what I’m recording, sometimes seven o’clock Pacific is when I try to release the podcast, I need to get my idea, I need to record the podcast. If I’m doing it from my side, if I’m answering a question, then I have to do the research, get the answers, get the data, put my thoughts together, kind of weave an answer, such that the listener whoever is asking the question and listeners like you, you get the benefit, you get the value out of it. So it’s hard sometimes I don’t get these things in place before 7 am in the morning and becomes challenging for me. So sometimes what I have done is every time, at least from my side, and I’ve recorded some podcasts, and I’ve scheduled those podcasts to be released on a specific day at 7 am in the morning. Not an effective way to do it. I want to be contextual. I want to be in sync. And even on my radio shows, I do them live. I talk to people, I love my audiences. I’m always there for them no matter what. And I put their life, their situations, their challenges ahead of mine, I might be dealing with 100 Soft my own issues. And talking about hundreds of issues I’ll talk, I have some thoughts about those in just a second, and I’ll share them with you. This is a lot going on in our lives. And nobody’s perfect. Just because I come here I do talk about success. I talk about performance, I talk about goals and attainment, and all that fulfillment, joy, and happiness, but that doesn’t mean that I am fully there with all of that. By default, life is about pain and suffering. There is never a state called happiness there isn’t. And if somebody sells you on it, then it’s hard. It’s not true. And I’ve seen people telling me, I have people tell me that they have been sold into the state where all the pain is going to go away. And you know, you’re in an absolute state of happiness there isn’t, you could make yourself still. But that involves a tremendous amount of inner work, where you remove all the things that are coming at you it’s very hard See, many, many months ago on one of the podcast episodes, I said that only two ways to lead life either you reduce expectations, or you expand your understandings, to expand the mind or reduce the expectations. The need to wish for this there is no other way to do this. And that balance is also very hard. Sometimes mine takes in more than it can then it can align to and then it cannot expand.

There’s a lot going on within that space. So we tend to move sometimes we expectations come in so we go there. Sometimes we say oh No, no, no, I don’t want these things, I need to cut all these things away. And I want to stay very contained. And you try that it’s very difficult to hang on to the states, perpetually, very hard. And very few people do it. And they do it by removing themselves from the happenings of life. So they pursue a life totally detached from the happenings and removed from the worldly affairs possible, but that also involves, again, sacrifice. So it’s hard. Going back to my earlier point, it’s hard to commit to something and stay on course, and get it done while you’re dealing with so many issues that are happening in life. Luckily, not you can say, not by design. Either way, this has come this far, nine months of daily podcasting. And there were moments when I woke up in the morning and said, today, I’m going to miss today cannot and sometimes are recorded six podcasts in a single day. Sometimes I couldn’t record even one podcast in a single day. So I have gone through all those emotions. I’ve seen the peaks. I’ve seen the valleys, I’ve seen all, I’ll tell you, this podcast is not a great podcast, it’s not like I have a production going on here. And we have editors and we have content creators, content managers, social media managers, you know, most podcasts do have that they have and they grow. I never focused on really growing the podcast at the level that I would like to I wanted it to grow naturally, and organically. And I just want people who absolutely loved the message, like understand my line of thinking to listen to the podcast, I don’t force this on people I don’t tell them to or you know, you’re here like this, read this and all that I ask, sometimes I get sometimes I do not, which is perfectly fine. But the ask is not as important. The importance is that I show up here with the best of my State of the mind and do something that really makes the impact that I think that it should for the listener, which is you on the other side, these nine months have been excruciating. And there is not a single ad we played on this podcast, not a single sponsor, I took on this podcast. And I did not do anything that commercially. Other podcasts do. I’m not saying that’s not going to change. But that was not my mindset.

My mindset was to make this a resource that can go hand in hand with everything else that I’m doing, which is not a lot, by the way, not a lot. So anything that you plan on doing is hard. It takes effort. The beauty of life is that as you keep on doing, things become easy. Things become more predictable. Now I can predict my mental state, I raise a baby called this, this podcast, this is a baby to me. And there are things that I need to attend to. This also I need to attend to. So here I am, early in the morning, in my car, in my driveway recording this podcast.

This is not recorded on my computer, on my in the studio, or on the microphone none. And if you listen carefully, there might be some cars moving by because I was getting ready to go exercise. And I thought, Okay, I’m gonna record this because I’m getting this emotion that thought in my mind, I want to really get this because if I come back and record then it could be late. So I’m recording this early in the morning sitting in the driveway so that I can. So the case in the point is if you really commit to anything, it’s a commitment issue. I look into things that I have failed, and I could not get to the outcomes. And I failed, by the way, every day. Every day there is a failure in my business, in my personal life in my financial life. In my everyday life. I have failures. It’s not that this is not about selling success. It’s about understanding failures because failures are portals of self-discovery. It’s the failures in which the best of you comes out the failures, Pete as lessons that no school no university, no expert, no mentor No one can teach. We tend to learn from others, I promise you. Some people tell me that I listen to your podcast to learn. Thank you, but not really, you are listening, not learning. Because even if you learn, there is no guarantee that you are going to succeed with the lesson. You will only succeed when you apply the lesson, and you fail. And then from there comes an understanding. It’s the understanding that creates results. I can tell you today I have a whole different set of understanding about this podcast and the audience who listens to this. Then when we started on the first of January of 2022, I look back nine months. The numbers were horrible when I started, if you talk about statistics, which I don’t check, by the way, I don’t look at the downloads, if I look at them, if the numbers are low, it disappoints me. If the numbers are high, it puts the ego in me. So I don’t look at the numbers anymore.

My only measure is your text messages. My only measure is your questions. I’m not getting questions, I’m not getting text messages, I know, I’m irrelevant, I’m somehow not being effective at a level that I should be. So two or three points I wanted to make on today’s podcast. One is that it takes time to build anything, it takes effort, it takes hard work, diligence, sleepless nights, you will go broke in your mind, you’ll run out of ideas, once ideas go away from your mind you become you could have a lot of energy. But that energy means nothing. Because that energy is not mental energy. That’s not emotional energy. Because mentally you’re getting drained. So it’s very difficult to carry on and pull off something meaningful for yourself. And if some other people are dependent on you, then this is a lost game. This is where people get into depression. They’re going to funk states and they can never recover. It’s hard. It’s so challenging, so difficult. anything meaningful takes effort. So whatever you’re working on, don’t give up. Don’t stop, keep going. Because right away, you may not see, you know how it’s doing. People are so transactional in life, they want to do something they want to get a return. I mean, there is a space and time for that discussion. But not when it comes to human currency, relationships, values, and beliefs. Now, you don’t believe in what you’re doing? How do you expect others to value who you are? I get that question all the time. People don’t value my resume, don’t value my credentials. No, they won’t. Because you don’t believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, that means your actions will show your conviction. Your presence, your application, and the way you apply yourself to show your depth. Why would somebody trust you believe in you, and give you whatever they want? Whatever you want, so that they can get whatever they want? They will not nobody does. Everybody’s smart. Everybody listens to think that you are smarter than somebody else. It’s like a cat drinking milk and closing its eyes thinking it’s darkness everywhere. Nobody can see me.

Think about it. It takes effort. So please be whatever you’re doing. Don’t worry about many things that otherwise I hear people get worried about. Stay focused, stay aligned, and stay committed. And the tide is not in your favor. That I promise you. It’s just a matter of time before the tide turns. That’s the first message I wanted to convey. The second message is if you want to start something, do it. You don’t need to be perfect. There is no perfection on this earth. We are all imperfect individuals faking perfection. So whatever you plan on doing whatever you started doing, thought about doing, or did stop. Don’t worry, don’t be critical of yourself. You can never there is never going to be a situation where you will ever put out something that is so perfect that you know, Leonardo da Vinci also said, or at least I don’t know, I read some social media these days. You don’t anybody can quote anything and attribute anybody. But Leonardo da Vinci was the epitome of perfection, completeness finesse. Never thought that he was that, at least in his mind. He never thought that way. So there were more perfections that he thought he could add in the story by Leonardo da Vinci painted the Sistine Chapel you know for about six or eight months you know completely Italy attaching himself to the roof so hard to paint it. And I think that this is nothing. Some people, in fact, some of the listeners of this podcast, at least a couple of my friends who live in India told me this was so hard. Why are you signing up for this, you do this every day. Now, this has become my life. So just a matter of time, repetition frequency, we’ll get through there, whatever you’re trying to do. It’s okay to be imperfect. But the pursuit of perfection should be there. And the last thing I want to share with you is, if you are putting an activity without a goal, then that activity is meaningless. Because you have not attached a meaning. Why are you doing something that you know, has no end? outcome? If you’re going to work, you have no idea about the paycheck for that money. Lesson. Don’t work for the sake of working. Don’t get that paycheck. Because if without that you can’t make a living, you are dead. I’m telling you dead valiant dies only once a coward dies every day. Whoever said that? is so profound? Why did every day? Why did every day? I’ve just the other day I got the news. Just three days ago, one of the top 14 There are 14 8000-meter peaks in the world. And one of them is Manaslu, the mountain in Nepal. And there was an avalanche on the mountain and one of the Sherpas who was a cook, actually cooked and fed me in 2019, when I was attempting to summit Mount Everest. He was on Monticello as a guide guiding. And he came under this avalanche and died at 28, 26 years old becoming a statistic. How many Sherpas have died on mountains, who talks about them? I didn’t want to get into the emotion but so hard to think about it, a wife and a daughter, small.

Whatever you have planned to do just to be Okay, get over being a bottleneck to your own self. Get out of your way. Do what you think is right. Whatever you plan to just do, set some goals, apply meaningfully and get it done. That’s the message I had this podcast has gone longer. I’ll stop here. I told you I don’t do this on a Friday, but tomorrow I’m going to share with you a master plan. You should listen to tomorrow’s podcast. I already planned this out tomorrow morning with Mantar’s master plan first of October so I want you to start off with this master plan, which I already shared before also it’s not like I’m sharing something new, or amazing. Groundbreaking now, None None of that stuff. Nothing in self-improvement is groundbreaking. It’s all the same stuff. Okay if I’m telling what somebody thinks all but all rehearsed, nothing unique, nothing different. That’s all for now. Wherever you are, be safe and we’ll be talking to you as early as tomorrow. Keep listening. Bye now.

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