The 3 Essentials of a Good Coach

The 3 Essentials of a Good Coach

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There comes a time in everybody’s life, when they start to realize that no matter what they do, or whatever they’re doing is not enough. They don’t know what to do. But they realize that they’re putting in the effort, the time the energy, but somehow things are not happening somehow it’s not coming together. And they start to believe that they need other people’s thoughts and ideas and solutions to deal with their own problems. So today, on the podcast, I want to take a moment and talk about how to take other people’s ideas into your life, and deal with your situations.

Welcome back to success with Srini Happy Friday morning to you. It’s a Friday. So I want to keep this very simple and to the point. Over the years, I’ve seen it all, I think I do. Regardless of how much we think we have seen it all, there’s always a level of event, a level of exposure that finds us so innocent, that it breaks our innocence. So I can’t say I’ve seen it all. But I’ll tell you, at least I’ve seen some shades in this business. I’ve seen people who say that I will never have a problem. And then they see other people’s problems, but they cannot relate. They think they will not go through it themselves. Eventually, they do. And then they deny that this problem is temporary, it’s going to go away. And then they start to see and realize that the problem is persisting. And then they try to find a solution for themselves. And some do get some do not. And eventually, there comes a point when they surrender to the problem, they say, you know, I cannot deal with it anymore, I need some help, I need somebody else to look into this.

Now, this is a self-improvement podcast, we talk about self-improvement here. But this thing plays out everywhere it plays out, you have a headache, you have a cold, you try to solve it yourself, you go and buy some medication over the counter, then it doesn’t go away, then you go and take an appointment or maybe go to urgent care depending on how severe it is. And then you start to graduate through the ladder. So you try to solve it yourself, then you try to go to urgent care or then you go to your primary care physician, then, you know, all beyond that point, it gets referred to some expert. And I’m giving that example because I went through that nearly about 20. Now 24 years ago, on a Labor Day weekend, which started as a common cold and eventually landed me in a pulmonary disease expert, literally trying to save me from atypical pneumonia. I think I was dead.

This was literally 24 years ago. And that’s the day that I made a promise to myself don’t want to come back and recover and I’m going to build good health for myself. And ever since I have never been in a setup like that, where I lost my lungs, and almost, you know, dead never faced that situation. That’s where I’m giving that example. But coming back to the point where we start to realize that we can’t deal with the problems. So we go to some experts. Now there will come a point in your life. If you’re a student of success, when you are learning life, you’re learning carrier business, finances, law, politics, you’re learning. As you keep learning, there comes a point where you start to feel and you will feel that I need some help. And I need it because things that I’m approaching the way I’m doing are not working. At that point in time. You will either if you’re lucky, you have surrendered to the right people, then you probably are okay.

But then you really need intervention. And I don’t wish that that happens to you. But then that happens to a lot of people we need interventions. So we go to coaching we go to mentors, we want to work with people who already know the game and there is a lot of people who claim to know the game, including me and I’m also no different but then question have become says how as some you from your side? What are the things that you need to see in a coach before you know that you’re in good hands?

So this is completely based on my experience working with people. There are three things that you need to see in a coach. Now cortisol You know, notorious, when things don’t work, they turn it around and say, because you did not participate as a client, then as a court, I failed. So you did not participate. That’s why I did not I could not co-create the outcome for you. Because this is not something tangible, everything can go everywhere. So it’s very difficult to contain something that’s not tangible. So what is the measure here? The measure is simple. Good coaching will help you deal with situational challenges. That’s the measure. So how are you dealing with a situation that you have got going right now, let’s say you’re about to be fired from your job. You talk to your career coach, and the suggestion was given to you or your career coach to act upon, the specific problem at the moment is what defines the approach, the mindset, and the experience of the coach.

So the coach is, that effectiveness comes from the suggestion given to you at that moment when you are feeling something is incorrect, and you’d really need help at that moment. And that is situational. So, successful coaching is measured through situations. That’s step number one. But then that’s good coaching. Now, not all, not every aspect of coaching is situational, some have some holistic approach, some have some strategy to it, there are some tactics, and who knows when the strategy and tactics come together to help you in a specific situation, as you are going through life very difficult. But at the core, is your confidence, a good coach should instill confidence, and possibility, paint a good picture, and take you along the way not necessarily solving problems for you, but helping you. You solve the problems yourself and build confidence. Now, there are three things a good coach should do. And this is something for you to consider. And by the way, when I say you need coaching, I mean that there are people in your life right now who need coaching from you, and you don’t see it, your children, your spouse, your friends, they need coaching, they’re asking you questions. So the three things that you should do for them. Think about this, not necessarily that you go into court and ask, you know, looking for these things, but to yourself behaving like a coach.

The first and foremost thing is that you instill a sense of purpose in people who are reaching out to you. A good coach instills a sense of purpose into his or her clients. That’s step one. If somebody, if you can’t instill a sense of purpose to your children, or to or to a spouse, or whatever, the people around you, then you’re not really having a good conversation. Every time I talk to my friends, every time I talk to any of my clients, the first and foremost thing is I take whatever they’re telling me and draw them back to purpose. That’s where I start. The second part is a good coach will always keep on clarifying goals. They will keep on clarifying the goal, Hey, why are you doing this? What’s the purpose? Of course, the purpose is once the stepping stone, but why are you doing this? What’s the outcome? What does it take to get to the outcome, you should, your goal is and is intact, is working towards the goal. So why you’re doing what you’re doing has to be discussed, and has to be talked about a lot. So it’s something that I try to do with, you know, people forget, or, you know, people tell me that they came to America for something and they lost their path, they’re doing something else completely, they started doing something and along the way is something changed. And then a few other things change and a few other things change. And next, they don’t know what they’re doing anymore. So clarifying goals is important, and a good coach does that. And the last one is a good coach will try to change the behavior, bodily behavior, but also thought the good code should be able to change your thinking. And when they change their thinking, the behavior on the ground changes. So that’s what we call transformation. That’s what we call change. That’s all you know, people step in into the door in some way, and when they step out, they’re completely different individuals. A good coach should be able to do that.

These are three things. Now let’s talk about where all these three things apply. Job change, business growth, fitness, weight loss, smoking, making money, increasing conviction, increasing self-confidence, all that everywhere. You take one area and you go to a coach, a good coach will be able to apply these three things. And that’s the start, there are more things a good coach has to do. But this is the start. Let’s say, you cannot do steps two and step three, just focus on sense of purpose. If you focus, on every conversation you have with people, you focus 20% of your conversation is focused on instilling a sense of purpose in them, automatically, your life will improve. You go have this conversation with your spouse, with your partner with your children, with your co-workers, you just talk about, you know, talk a lot, whatever you want to talk about, but then 20% of your talk should be about their purpose. And see the magic happen. I promise you, your life is going to change.

Okay, I want to stop here, have a wonderful Friday. I’ll catch up with you, as early as tomorrow morning right here on success with the training. And listen, if you if this podcast is making sense to you, and you’re finding some value, then do me a favor, just write a review, or just respond back to me just send make a comment should be able to do that. On the podcasting app. If you’re listening, you’re listening to this on your iPhone or iOS device inside your podcasting app, then scroll down and this will be a place for you to write a review comment, you know, good or bad, whatever you think just write so that I know that you know I’m on the path. I’m not worried about how bad this is, and I know I need to improve a lot. I get that. But I just need to get some feedback. So do that. For me. They’re watching this on YouTube. There should be a place for you to write a comment to. Okay, wherever you are, be safe, and I’ll catch up with you as early as tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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