Self-Hypnosis: When It's Helpful and When It's Not

Self-Hypnosis: When It’s Helpful and When It’s Not

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On the podcast today, I want to take a few moments and talk about hypnosis, when to use hypnosis when not to use hypnosis. I’ve been getting a lot of questions, and I thought I should dedicate a whole episode to it. So if you’re interested in hypnosis, then today’s podcast episode is for you. If not, this should always be a lesson in this. So I’m hoping that it’s going to speak to everyone that speaks to you about when to use hypnosis when not to use hypnosis, how hypnosis works, and a variety of questions have come in. Because in the past, I did talk about what is hypnosis and how to use hypnosis, and why I think it’s one of the most, most effective tools to deal with any life challenge that one has got going. And each one of us has challenges. So nobody is immune. But I never specifically said when hypnosis should not be used. And as a professional doing it, I think I should talk about it. So the questions also came along those lines. So I said, I’m going to make the distinction.

There are four specific areas. Let’s talk about the user and when to use it, and I’ll tell you, I’ll also share some of my thoughts on when not to use and when to use it. If you are a goal-oriented individual, and you are achieving a specific action, then hypnosis is very good. So for example, you want to eat right sleep, right? Or you want to bring in any specific habit that you’re struggling to bring in. So you know, something, a good habit is necessary, but you’re struggling to, to kind of get into the rhythm of putting in a good habit, then hypnosis helps. You want to get rid of one habit. Hypnosis helps. So a goal or any goal you have making money, starting a business, getting a promotion, whatever any of those areas, hypnosis, self-hypnosis works. So performances particularly help.

The second category second area where hypnosis works is you went to a therapist, you had a session, and the therapist asked you to do some Homework. Homework is the right word. So some homework elements are involved. So you go, the therapist will tell you a good therapist will tell you to go home, and practice self-hypnosis. That’s when you do and the reason why we do that is that there are things that need to be done beyond just a session, so that the next time around when you come back to the second or third session, these things get really cemented. So anytime a therapist will ask you to go do a post, you know, a self-hypnosis session after an in-person or therapist-driven session, you should do it. And most of the time I do it is because I want to instill some confidence in the subject. Once they’re done with me, I tell them to try doing it most of the time session the Self Mastery session, which the subject does on their own when they’re alone is much more effective than a session with a therapist. It’s my observation when done right.

The third category where self-hypnosis is used is enhancement. An area that you know that you are skilled in an area that you know that you have a passion for, some experience in in the past, but then that area was never visited anymore. You got busy with time with life, but you have it in new somewhere and you want to bring it and then enhancement, you want to enhance it then hypnosis self-hypnosis works, wonders, magic magical how you can catch up and how quickly you can come back into the game. Creativity is an area of anything creative, creative art, creative writing, music, and all this anything that you have within you any skill or talent you have within you that you did not touch upon. Self Hypnosis would bring it into life. The last area where Salford masses works control. You want to control anger, and control, for example, let’s say your pain to mass is very effective controlling pain or anything else you are in crowd control. You are a manager leader. If you want to control hypnosis self-hypnosis works wonders. So allows you to center yourself, you know strengthen your senses a lot of things happen. Now, let’s talk about areas where you should not use self-hypnosis. The first method is most as you have a medical illness and you’re trying to use self-hypnosis. I wouldn’t suggest it unless you talk to somebody who has the experience, or a third professional or therapist, and once they tell you to do it, it’s okay. But then I do not. So I’ve seen people who have come to our websites and download recordings and all in once I talk to them, I tell them now.

So not a good idea if you have a medical illness going on, or you’re trying to resolve a medical illness using hypnosis, self-hypnosis, if you have had some trauma, growing up in childhood trauma, and not good idea, to use self-hypnosis, because self-hypnosis can really stimulate those emotions can bring those emotions back. And if you do not know how to control them, then they’ll start dominating your present life. So not a good idea. If you have conflicts, if you have a conflict with somebody, and you had a conflict for a long time, self-hypnosis, is not a good thing, because those conflicts can come back again, in your mind, and it can really affect other areas too. So it doesn’t matter if somebody is alive or this individual is alive or dead doesn’t matter. It’s not a good idea to use the selfhood process at a time when a conflict, the effects of a past conflict digital dominant in their mind. Then, if you have phobias, fears, and phobias, not fears, but phobias, specifically, then not a good idea to use self-hypnosis.

Now, these are, you know, very high level, again, these are some high-level areas, these are from the top of my mind, but then there could be other areas where you shouldn’t be using hypnosis, self-hypnosis, without the presence of a therapist. Is it necessary to succeed in it’s necessary to go to a therapist and, and all that? My answer is no, I think that hypnosis is a skill, that is a learned skill that anybody can learn. And this is not something that I had a gift with or anything I learned, be very clear. I become inquisitive, I became a student. That’s a whole different story. But it’s not a skill that was given to me gifted or any of that stuff. So didn’t come from a mother’s womb, I promise you. And the other thing that did come, but not this one, and this can be learned by anyone, and a good therapist is somebody who is going to teach you on how to do it. So if you’re in a setup where you’re not learning this then or if you’re going to a therapist and spending money not getting to know what this is, I think you’re wasting your time.

Okay. I’m gonna stop here. That’s all. If I drag this out, then I think it’s going to it’s not going to be of help. It’s not going to be of benefit to you. So that’s all for now. Wherever you are, be safe. Have a wonderful Thursday, and I will catch up with you tomorrow. Take care bye now.

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