Want To Live Your Reality? Then Be True To Yourself

Want To Live Your Reality? Then Be True To Yourself

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Welcome back to Success with Srini. Happy Monday, the start of a new week to you. Okay, so over the last couple of months, we have been, I have been bringing so many thoughts on this podcast. Some of these thoughts are my own, from nowhere. And sometimes these thoughts are from interactions that I had been having with people in my day-to-day life. And sometimes some questions directly come from the listeners of this podcast, and also from the listeners of my radio show. So I have been bringing all this and kind of putting them in front of you. The idea is very simple. The idea is that in order for us to become successful, we need to do a few things in life on a daily basis.

Now, what is that success? I don’t know. That’s for you to decide. Life is developed. When you have purpose, initiative, imagination, courage, and discipline in place. When you have purpose, imagination, initiative, courage, and a disciplined place, you live the good life. And hopefully, you are having all days in a meaningful way. That means it is creating an impact. It is meaningful, you are happy, you are joyful, you are fulfilled. In fact, if you have these five, then you’re pretty much in a good place. Now, the outside measure of all this is, what car you’re driving, which house you’re living in, what kind of money you have in the bank. All that is the outward representation. And some people do measure you by that. But that’s not the measure that I subscribe to. And that’s not the measure that I talk about. That’s not the measure of success. In fact, more people become sick. When you show your money. When you show your car, you drive the house you live in, people become sick by looking at your success. They’re not happy. But you empower people around you.

When you talk about your purpose. When you talk about your imagination, you talk about your initiatives and your disciplines, and your courage. That’s what I talk about here on this podcast. That’s what I tell people to do. Now, let’s say you have a goal that you have. And we talk about goals also on the podcast here too. And I’ve done that multiple times. You have a daily goal, whether you like it or not, whether you define it or not. Today, you have a goal that you want to accomplish. And you have monthly goals, weekly goals, yearly goals, lifetime goals, physical goals, emotional goals, mental goals, spiritual goals, all kinds of goals, financial goals, so you have goals. Now every goal or every outcome expects you to become a different kind of an individual. See, in the process, you become something every time somebody chiefs a goal to become something. So there is an internal change that’s happening. Or an internal change has to happen to begin with before you can even pursue the goal. And along the way, you will become something else. And once you attain that you become something else. It’s amazing.

So transformation has to happen for the result to show up. The question becomes sisters, in order for you to achieve anything, or for anybody to achieve anything. You need to know yourself. Nobody on this earth knows you better than you. As much as you believe that somebody else has the answers for your problems. I have been trying this on my radio show multiple times. Literally, in every radio show, I say this, nobody knows you better than you. So you better invest in yourself better. Try finding time to know who you are, what you can do. And it’s just not about knowing yourself. Sometimes you have to be true to yourself, your likes, your dislikes, your interferences, they need to be known to you before the world figures it out. Nobody else should be coming and telling you who you are. You should be telling others who you are. In fact, that’s the start. That’s the self-awareness we are talking about. If a discussion ever comes and you’re struggling to find the definition of what self-awareness is, that is the self-awareness, that’s the kind of self-awareness, where it should all start from. And then you build from that point on.

Now in the pursuit of success, there may be situations where you may be asked to do things that you don’t like to do and that you need to surrender some of your values and beliefs and you want to go against your convictions. Now you know you have good convictions, you know that you are right. But then you are being asked And you’re forced to do something different and something incorrect. Maybe you have done it. Maybe you are a bit ashamed of yourself. Now, let me tell you, it happens to the most self-aware individuals where they know everything, the right, yes, they know the right thing, but they ended up doing a wrong thing. But as long as you are willing to look back, and as long as you want to take ownership of what went wrong, and as long as you’re willing to build in a level of additional honesty into your future moves, you are okay. As long as you are willing to not compromise on your beliefs and values going forward, you are okay. So how can you be true to your own reality? Because that is one of the demands of success.

The first way to become true to yourself, or true to your reality is to think about every act and every reaction. Anything everything somebody asks you to do think, why they’re asking you to do something? Is it in line with that beliefs and values? If you are about to react to something, ask Is this the right thing for me to do? Or will this compromise me as an individual? Will it compromise my values? Will it compromise my beliefs? That’s the first. So you have to think through. And you’ve got to do that on your toes literally, on your toes, there might be situations where you don’t have a day or two or five, to think this in the moments you have to make decisions. Now, sometimes you have to also assess the root of each situation. If somebody is questioning your ideas, then you got to ask yourself, why somebody’s asking me to go against my own self. Why are they asking me to go against my own beliefs, why they are not placing enough worth on my point of view, got to ask. And then sometimes you got to trust your gut.

See, if something is incorrect, then your stomach will tell you gut feel, you feel it in the gut, something is incorrect. So when you have that feeling in the stomach, why not give a voice to it? Let it speak. So if something is in a normal condition, something immoral is going to happen. Your gut will tell you. So normal situation, immoral thing happening. His gut will tell you, you got to play your gut, you got to pay attention to your gut. And let allow your gut to play on your conscience. There are situations there are circumstances that will come up that will throw you off of your commitments, and make you take some immoral positions. It’s natural, we’re humans, it happens. But you don’t need to feel pressured. You don’t need to be pressured to believe in popular beliefs you don’t need to give in or cave into the pressures. And if there is a deep-down disagreement within you, then it needs to be boiled up and be expressed. Sometimes you need to make some decisions that are not in line with people who you love. But you got to make them because otherwise, you’re going against your beliefs and values. Now every time you anybody personally, I’ve seen anybody and myself every time I have gone and made a choice that’s against my beliefs. Then guess what I have lived thereafter unhappy? The root of unhappiness is that you can’t satisfy your values, every act, every action, every engagement. And every time every investment time or money or anything that you do is nothing but you’re satisfying your values every time any of your values are not satisfied as a result of you investing something. That means you are creating unhappiness. The goal is to achieve some potential like full potential, the goal that’s the goal, or that’s the pursuit.

Now, achieving full potential means that you need to be in charge of the direction of everything that you’re doing. That means being in charge of your life. Think about it. I’m sorry, today’s podcast is deep. I wish I could take this very far if I want to. But there are four cardinal rules I follow when it comes down to me, holding on to my position, where I stand, and what I stand for. First, you got to think your best, give your best thinking. In any situation, give your best thinking. And you got to feel your best in any situation. And you got to speak your best. And you do your best. Plus it has four cardinal rules. Now you do this over a long period of time by original comment about building and a life based on purpose, initiative, imagine imagination, discipline, courage, you’re loyal to that right? So you’re truthful to that. That part is true. If building a life based on those five things is true. Then, by deciding by being decisive and staying loyal to your beliefs and values, you’re strengthening that position.

Okay, I’m gonna stop here. Hopefully, today’s podcast is helpful. If it is let me know. And we will continue the discussion tomorrow. That’s all stay safe wherever you are. Bye now.

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