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Your Uniqueness is the Answer

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Welcome, or welcome back to Success with Srini, a daily podcast on human design, Human Engineering human excellence. I’m Srini Saripalli. As I’m recording today is the January 20 Year 2022. And Happy Thursday morning. One more day before this week is over, before the weekend. Okay, so today on the podcast, I’m answering a question that has come in from a longtime listener of my radio show. Not for this podcast, a general question that has come in for me to respond to them via email. And because this question is not for this podcast, I can’t mention their name. And this question, I think everybody, all my podcast listeners will benefit from this, I think, and that’s why I’m speaking about it.

The question is this, “I have been in this line of profession for over 30 years now. I’ve been in the same job for nearly 20 years, same company, and I don’t think I’m happy anymore. I don’t know where this job is going. I don’t see myself doing this job more than a few more years, which is odd.” He has been in this job for over 20 years. “I don’t know what to do. I’m unhappy. Across the board, I’m unhappy. I need some of your insights.”

So first of all, thank you for the trust. And I don’t know how to answer this question. But what if? Every time I answer a question like this, I answered this question by putting myself in their shoes. In this case, in your shoes, you’re asking this question.

I think this is my observation, I think over a period of time working with people and also being a student of success. My observation is, anytime you do something that is not in line with your self esteem, you will suffer the pain, agony, uncertainty, overwhelm, stress, anxiety, all of that stuff. Anytime you do something that is not in line with your self esteem.
You’re doing this for 20 years. That’s a long time. And I think that the question is not about leaving. I think the question is, how can you stay in this profession? Happily from this point on? I think that’s what the question is. And that’s, that’s how I’m hearing this.

And I did a podcast on this also, a long time ago, there is a book called Psycho Cybernetics. And this book was written by Dr. Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon based in New York. And he operated a lot of operations, plastic surgeries. And he made some incredible observations as a part of his profession, that he ended up writing a book, second best book ever written, self employment. Amazing. So he says this in that book…

Do not do anything that is not in line with your self esteem. Otherwise, you’ll be unhappy.

So I think I’ll take my example, if I’m doing this podcast, coaching, training, this is in line with my self esteem. So it’s okay. I’m okay, I’m happy doing what I do. So it doesn’t matter what the end outcome is, but I’m happy doing what I’m doing. Because this is in line with who I am.

If given a chance, if somebody just gives me back my time, and I go back 30-40 years, I would like to do that which is gifted to me, by mother nature. That means there are some gifts within me that I’m very natural about them, I would do it, I would create a profession out of that. I would not do something to fit myself into the society.

I wouldn’t do it given a chance. So I will go back, take my natural skills, and I’ll be unhappy, maybe I’ll not make money, maybe I’ll be unhappy, that’s okay. But I would rather do that than deal with a situation where I’m acquiring 20 years of education, 16 years of education, then maybe 10 or 15 years of experience to build a self esteem all this is to build the self esteem and then use that to make money and great success. Hard. Difficult.

So, here’s what I’ve seen with people.

There is something about each one of us. There is something unique about you.

I know that there is something unique about you.

There is also something about you that you do that nobody else can do.

Others cannot do or maybe they do rarely. But there is something about you that you do that nobody can do.

And there is something about you that’s completely undeniable.

The quest is to find these three things. What is unique about you? What is that you do that others rarely do or cannot do? And what is that something about you that’s undeniable. These three questions you have to ask. If you ask these three questions to ponder, there is no shortcut to this. You ponder, you sit down, you brainstorm this for days. People think about their careers for few minutes a day, or a few minutes in a week. You got to ponder this nonstop, hour for hours together for days into the future.

Maybe you’ll build the clarity. Most people don’t do this, they don’t engage. Because anything that involves these kinds of questions, it drains people, so they just want to move on with the everyday aspects of life.

This is my answer. I’m not sure if I answered your question. I cannot tell you stay in the job, leave the job, take up a business, do a different profession. I cannot because I don’t know you. But knowing what I know, based on the question that you have asked, this is my answer.

I can expand each one of those questions. I can probably run multiple podcasts, maybe a seminar on these three questions, uniqueness, Rarity, uniqueness, and persona and all that stuff. So I can run a whole have in the past. I did run events on these principles. But then if you answer those three questions, I think you’ll get to your truth, your answer, whatever that is for you.
I hope today’s podcast episode is helpful to all of you. If it is do me a favor, like this podcast, read the podcast, write a review, share it with the friends and family. And then if you have a question for me, by all means 888-818-0404 That’s where you need to text me.

That’s all for now. Wherever you are, be safe. And I’ll talk to you tomorrow. And tomorrow is a Friday. Okay, that’s all! Bye now.

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