Creating a Second Six Figure Income

Yesterday I spent 60 minutes time explaining the listeners on the importance of creating a second six figure income, one of the most critical components of creating a liberated lifestyle. Its important that we extract all our passions, skills, experiences we have within us and make them available for others to listen, feel and experience them. It’s wonderful to get paid doing that isn’t it?

If you had been struggling to get an handle on your income you have to listen to this, if you had been struggling to understand your career path you have to listen to this. Its extremely important that you give it a serious thought. At the end if you decide to join me at on this exciting program, by all means please visit and signup for priority notifications. Its a paid workshop and you can experience it from the comfort of your own home at your own will.

Here is the recording, spend sometime listen to it and please don’t forget to leave a comment here.


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