Goodbye 2012!

What an eventful year 2012 was ( we still have a few hours left in this year as I write..). To me it was a year full of all kinds of highs and lows, but overall it was a year of great education and learnings.

I took some time off to plan my 2013 and created this small video during a break. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. :)-

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8 thoughts on “Goodbye 2012!”

  1. Avatar

    Thank you Srini, that was wonderful motivation for 2013. I liked the point you made just change 1 degree at the source and see the impact…etc., I truly agree with you and will follow the same in 2013.
    thank you for reminding that 1 degree…

    by the way the place was so beautiful, but seems you forgot to mention the name OR was it deliberate 😉 Please let us know the details, possibly we will make a vacation trip.


  2. Avatar

    Thanks Buddy.
    Saw this.
    Good to see places as beautiful as this on Chilika – if I am not mistaken.
    Thanks for the inspiring message.
    Hope you realise all your dreams and not commit the same mistakes of 2012 again!
    And of course, that makes two of us!
    Hope to meet you in 2013!



    1. Avatar

      Hi Ravi,
      Happy you remember Chilika. Chilka is a famous lake on the National Highway No.5 between Balugaon and Rambha towns. I have uploaded some pics of that on the face book. The spot srini videod is actually 2 KMs away from Chatrapur. It is known as tampara(back waters I believe). It connects the sea at Ganjam confluencing with the River Rushikulya. It is a great place. Up to late 90s(before the super cyclone) this area, particularly the area which appears green behind the water line was fully covered with casurina and cashew topes. It was a pleasure during our childhood days to go to the area and collect cashew nuts surruptitiously. when we return home with the cashew nuts in our halfpant pockets, elders could easily know that we went to that area and collected the nuts. Oh! terrible. It was a good band at the house. Even now it remains as a picnic spot. Earlier, when the topes were in full swing, the sea breeze used to come filtered and pass on this lake to Chatrapur. We were boasting that Chatrapur is fully air conditioned. Probably the British preferred for that reason Chatrapur as their district headquarters. People were having no fans in those days in their houses. The entire environment was cool. Now the tourism department has developed a boat club there and improving the spot with a ring road around touching the lake outskirts.
      Tragedy part of it is at the confluence of Tampara, Rushikulya and sea, there are drowing cases every year almost, the young school kids who go for picnics.
      Besides this, there is another place very near to this spot, where the turtles lay their eggs during the season. I have the video somewhere and shall upload it soon.

  3. Avatar

    Hi srini,
    A very Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Thank you for your most inspiring words.
    Love the scenery by the way. Very beautiful place.

  4. Avatar

    Great message Srini, I cannot describe in words how much your words are worth. Certainly I will work everyday, outcome based and give equal credit to your motivational speaking.

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