Optimism Is Everything

Optimism Is Everything

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Today on the podcast, we are talking about optimism. Something that I have done numerous podcasts about the benefits, the need, the outcomes of becoming a positive individual things that you have to do to become positive in life, all that stuff I covered. But today’s podcast episode is a little different in the sense that I’m sharing a little bit of the science, the aspect of science in optimism, and some research information, something that I did not share before. hard word School of Public Health did research. And they believed in the research, they surveyed about 70,000 women over a period of eight years as a part of the study, and they found out that 31% of that pool of women will end up living longer because they are optimistic, they have an optimistic approach towards life. Very important.

Now, there are several other studies like this, and we don’t need to study to become excited about the topic of optimism. Now let’s understand how optimism from a scientific standpoint works. And this is something that I recently found out 50% of our optimism, the way our brain works is genetics comes from the genes 40% is us through our work by reading a book having a good conversation, working with the right people in the right environment, interacting, just feeling good about ourselves and looking at the world. With a positive frame of view, that’s where the 40% comes from. And then 10% is through others giving to us. So you going and giving a motivational talk inspiring someone in, you know, as a result of that a certain level of optimism is instilled in them. So all that is 10%.

Now, at the core of all this is that you got to view the world from an optimistic frame. Okay, now, let’s understand, you’ve seen movies coming out. And you see how academies, you know, different movie industries. They do award functions, and they give awards themselves to the actors or directors. So it’s true in companies to in the corporate structure, do people get awards rewards, we don’t have those in our families, honestly. But families in themselves as an entity should have some rewards too. And we do that in bits and pieces, we celebrate birthdays, we celebrate anniversaries, things like that. But then there is no structured way of recognizing someone other than it’s a huge milestone and you inviting like hundreds of people something like that. What is not proven is when you give praise, and I talked about praise also, nearly 10 days ago, I was talking I was quoting the book, How to have confidence and power in dealing with People by Les Giblin, and Les Giblin talks about how praise is proven. How to do a mike a miracle every day as and as a part of that. He says to give praise to people. And praise is something that anybody can give anyone. So say thank you say, you know, appreciate someone by simple words, it talks about that. And in the podcast, I believe that was on the first of May. We know now that praise, awards, money, love, all kinds of recognition, and all kinds of these things. The impacts the brain. So they impact two parts of the brain. The first is the amygdala area of the brain. And also the part of the brain is known as RSCC, which means rostral anterior cingulate cortex. When people listen to praise, get awards, or get recognition, the amygdala area and the RSCC area of the brain get stimulated. And as a result of that, they go do more creative things.

So it is not about the academy giving awards to people or movie industries giving awards to themselves. But by doing that, the creative people are now even more motivated to go so it raises the optimism levels. Interesting. And there is also independent data now that you awards and money recognition, praise and all They just a dopamine level of the cortex. So we all need to be praised to be performing at higher levels. So amazing. And praise also clearly instills optimism. At any point in time, if somebody looks at you, somebody meets you, you need to come across as if you’re optimistic. You cannot be coming across, down low, with your own emotions pulling you down, and you’re saying things to them to pull them down. Love to be with people who always pull me up with them, or Push me higher than them always. And it’s amazing. To put it back to happening, you have to operate from an optimistic frame. Right? You have to see the world as if the world is a beautiful place things great things are happening. Not all the negativity and everything that’s constantly coming at us through the media. We need to look at the world as if amazing things are happening. Nature is playing its role creation is happening in the world, you know, amazing things are happening. And with that frame. When we happen to live, obviously some part of that is going to fall on us. It’s natural that we attract some part of that.

Okay, that’s all hope this is helpful. Hopefully, you get some ideas from this. Hopefully, this is going to motivate you to start seeing the world from an optimistic frame and force you to start making everybody around you optimistic by giving them praise and things like that. So go and start stimulating other people’s amygdala and as well as our sec. Okay, that’s the message on this podcast. Okay, that’s all for now. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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