Life Is Better When Sights Are Higher

Life Is Better When Sights Are Higher

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Welcome, or welcome back to Success with Srini. Today’s the January 27 2022. And this happens to be a Thursday. So Happy Thursday morning to you.

Over the last few days, we have been talking about how our thoughts, design or destiny, and specifically a quote from Lao Tzu that I have been talking about. Making all the podcast episodes kind of tied together to that one chord. I want to extend that thought a little bit more today on this podcast.

Some time ago, this was back in 2000. Many years ago, in fact, 2012 I believe, I had an individual walking into my practice back then I used to have a huge office nice to see literally 8 to 10 clients a day, 2011. And with a unique problem, which is, “my spouse constantly fights with me, there is never a moment where I cannot detach myself from listening to all that my spouse goes through says utters or yells and shout all that.” And I was listening, I said, “Is it possible for your spouse to come in so that I can talk to them?” This person says yes. So I meet both of them. And I hypnotized, both of them in my office, unique things came out in that conversation. In a deep state of hypnosis, both of them told me that they are in love with each other. That’s the first line of getting a confirmation that yes, this relationship can be saved.

And then, interestingly, this individual who actually came to me for the first time, and as I’m doing this, I’m describing this problem, I’m not specifically saying he or she, as you clearly see this. Because I want to keep that as a as a very generic because this problem happens on both sides of the aisle. Okay. I’ve seen all kinds of situations scenarios, but I’m not describing any one individual here. So I’m just being neutral as I’m describing the story to you. So the individual who came to me first, this individual is obviously in love. And obviously, both of them are in love with each other. So that was established. But then, in deep hypnosis, I found out that the reason why the spouse is constantly fighting is because there is in core need that has not been met. Since the childhood.

During the childhood, this person used to go on vacations with the parents. But the father passed away very early. And since then, this individual has not gone on vacations. So along the way, time went by, studied, graduated, went to college, got a job, built a good career, but then that vacation thing is what is causing the conflict in marriage. And I suggested to both of them that they should go on a vacation. So that was the end outcome of the hypnosis session.

So they went on a vacation. About three months later, the first individual call me call me back saying, “Srini your suggestion worked ut we are still fighting. Still we have a conflict.” I said, Okay. And I said, “How was the vacation?” “The vacation was great. As long as we were on vacation, we were not fighting. But after we came back, the fight started again.” I said, “fair enough. Did you go on a second vacation in the last three months?” “No, we did not.” I said, “why don’t you schedule on more vacation.” And this individual good listener and a good follower of what I was, I was suggesting blindly scheduled a vacation.

They went on a vacation again, came back and started fighting again. So I said, “I wanted to do a third experiment. This time. I want you to schedule a vacation while you are on a vacation. Don’t come back and don’t give a long time.” They went on a third vacation came back this time. They had a future vacation scheduled as per my suggestion. And there were no fights. There’s no fights till the next vacation happened. So called me told me that since they came back from the vacation as they have one more vacation planned. There are no fights happening.

And “Srini I’m following what you’re telling me? Is it that I need to keep on scheduling these vacations? Seems that that seems to be the solution.” I said, “maybe it is maybe not.” So this individual wanted to know what I’m doing here. Like, what is my line of approach to this problem? Well, it’s very simple. People complain, people fight, people yell and shout, because they are not able to see what future has for them. Complaining about the unknown. So all you have to do is this applies anywhere, everywhere. It’s applies at work, it applies in school, in any situation, any social situation, this technique applies. Your job is with your words, with your thoughts. And you provide the certainty, right, we talked about that in the last few days. You also remove indecision, I talked about that in yesterday’s podcast. But then your job is to also increase the line of sight.

The reason why they were not fighting on the in the vacation during the vacation is because the conversation was different. The conversations were futuristic. And when they came back to real life, which is the happenings, the real happenings, the conversations were mostly mundane, like daily stuff. There was no futuristic conversation happening, there’s nothing they were looking forward to.

We need to find the depth.

Hence, if there is a looking forward event already scheduled, then there is no conflict. See, my podcasts are scheduled like thing. So I know exactly what I’m doing. So I’m not wasting my time, you see that something like that may not be the right example, but you get the point. So your job in any situation is to raise the line of sight of every individual that you are engaging with. When you do that, you you know, they’re seeing something that they otherwise do not see with other people.
So this is what goes back to yesterday’s podcast, where I said it’s a privilege, it’s a privilege to have deep conversations with right people. So these two individuals, they are in love, they are a couple and they’re married, so they love each other, you see that they love each other. So it’s a deep relationship, the depth of the conversation is missing, we need to find the depth. And the way you find the depth is by raising the line of sight.

Employees complained to the managers because they don’t know what’s happening at the highest level. Because they don’t know what’s happening. They complain, they get frustrated. They think this is the world, I have been an employee myself, I have been a manager myself. I have employed people in my own business over the years. And what I know is my thinking and my thoughts are not the same. When I was an employee, I had a different mindset. As a manager, different mindset as an employer, different mindset.

See the world differently.

So my job if I want to have happy employees and happy people around me, I need to raise the line of sight. So several people in my business today that are employed with me, I insist that I have futuristic conversations with them. I try to raise their line of sight how they see things line of sight is not a biological term. Line of Sight is a philosophical term within which you raise somebody’s vision of how they see how they increase the map in their mind and see the world differently. When you do that, you will be in happy relationships. Try this with your words with your thought with your intent with your work with your application, try to raise the line of sight of the people who are around you. And see how you grow.

Appreciate you listening to this podcast. I’ll come back tomorrow, tomorrow’s Friday. So we will continue this conversation a little bit more. I’ll share maybe five days I’ll probably tone it down a little bit. But we’ll wrap up this week with words, with thought with intent and serving others and giving them certain at removing indecision from them. They grow, we grow. That’s going to be the focus for this week.

That’s all for now. Wherever you are you be safe. And appreciate you listening to this podcast appreciate you subscribing to this podcast. And if you like what you’re hearing here, then go ahead write a review, share the podcast and that way I can reach some more people. Not that I need more people but I want to help as many people as possible. This is the only medium that reaches the whole world. This is where I am engaged. I don’t have any other medium to reach the world. Radio is what I use to reach the Silicon Valley but this podcast reaches the whole world so thank you for your support, thank you for your participation. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Bye now.

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