Our Growth Is Equal To The Size Of Our World

Our Growth Is Equal To The Size Of Our World

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Welcome or welcome back to Success with Srini. Before I go any further today on this podcast, I want to quickly pause for a second and ask you, how was the intro? Did you like it? This is the first time that we have added the intro to this podcast. Today is March 1 of the year 2022. Today’s the Tuesday at the start of a new month. And it’s also a way it symbolizes growth for us because the last two months, this podcast was a dry podcast, essentially, there was no intro and outro no liners, no music, nothing. I simply turn the microphone on and I speak. And today’s the first day that we realized, or at least I realized that maybe this podcast needs a professional makeover. So this is a kind of a makeover. Let me know how it sounds maybe give it a few days. Listen to tomorrow’s and the day after episode and then tell me what you think about the intro, the outro, and all that.

Just on the podcast, I talked about, I gave an insight into how to ask a few questions. So that you can grow, like remove self-imposing beliefs. I’ve done not serving, remove, evaluate life patterns and remove mediocrity. Start the day with a key question. What is that? That one thing I’ll do today? That’s going to make a difference in my life. So if you do these things, naturally will grow. Anybody would grow. People don’t do this. That’s where the show is. Now every time we talk about growth, there are five areas only five areas. So every individual’s growth can be measured. At this time, if I meet you, I can measure your growth you meet me, you can measure my growth. And our growth is across five areas. Okay? Our growth is mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial. That’s it, anybody can be measured. But every time you talk about the word growth, people associate, Oh, okay. This is about money. They want my job. This is what the title this is what the role is about the house in which I live. Yes. And also no. That’s not how it should be seen. What am I doing today to mentally grow myself? What am I doing today, emotionally grow myself? What am I doing physically? financially, spiritually.

So here is what I do. And I’m going to give you the facts that I do in each one of these areas. mental growth for me is that I wake up in the morning, I engage in a good conversation with myself. Then a good conversation with somebody else. And it starts with me, the way I start with myself is I read a book, a chapter a page for the whole book, but a page or a chapter, depending upon how much time I have. I do a little bit of meditation, a little bit of self-hypnosis a little bit the start my day early in the morning. That’s the start. That’s the beginning. So that is my mental expansion.

To expand the mind as quickly as possible in the morning. And likewise, an emotional expansion of my world on a day includes saying thank you saying sorry, saying not swing anger, not swing frustration. By the way, all these emotions come. We get angry. It’s an innate emotion. We get frustrated, it’s natural. We get worried it’s natural. We get stressed, solve given, but because of my emotions and because of all those falls in the emotional part of the quotient. I need to control my emotions. Now, if I don’t get angry at a point when I am supposed to get angry, I control the anger. For me, it’s a symbol that I have expanded my emotional world on that day. My physical world is again, how many calories I burned, did I run? Did I swim? Did I hike? Did I climb, whatever that is? So I do something to justify my physical expansion for the day.

I also do the same with my spiritual thing, I pray and meditate. I isolate myself for a few minutes with myself to all that is my spiritual growth. And there is a higher power I love I respect I surrender, whatever my higher spiritual beliefs are, I just give some time every day to that. And then my financial world can I make an investment, even $1, even just $1 One Investment, can I do that. So if you just this is an example, if you decide that you want to put $1 Every day, for the rest of your life in some investment doesn’t matter, Bitcoin, a theory on this, that people get too confused. Now, just $1 automatically goes from your account into an investment automatically goes into a mutual fund or into a stock or whatever $1 Just every day just goes into some investments, some recurring investment, and probably are making $1 you spend the dollar anyway. That in itself is an expansion of Your World, Your financial world, you don’t need to do multimillion-dollar transactions to justify an expansion. But just that move itself is an expansion of your world. This is profound if you think through it this way, most people don’t. So every part mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, every part of the world. All this together is my world. When I add all these things together, I can simply talk to anyone and can measure their growth by simply adding up everything that they are doing across these five areas on a given day in a given week in a given month in a given year. And because growth is equal to the size of the world, of our world, whatever world that we live in, very simple. That’s it. The problem is this, most of us do not want to go beyond our initial point of value. This is where people struggle with growth. Whatever our initial point of value is, we don’t want to grow beyond that. So it means I studied, I got an education, I got a degree.

Now, why should I go to school? Why should I study? It’s okay, I got a job, I’m doing my job. It’s okay, my boss is incorrect. My salary isn’t correct, my company structure is incorrect, or my positioning is incorrect. It’s okay, I’ll live with it. It’s okay, fine, I already put 20 years into it 10 more years I’m done. That means you are invalidating the future point of value. That means you still are sold into who you were 20 years ago, and we are still selling that version of you. Why not sell a different version? I hope I’m coming across. At any point in time, the difference between your initial point of value and your current point of value should be positive. That mat is completely left to you. Have you done this math? But at any point in time, you’re the difference between your initial point of value and the current point of value should be positive. If the negative means this is not going right, you need to address it differently. A couple of questions you have to ask every day. And I asked this in a different way. What more can I do? People some friends tell me Oh you do a lot. Why are you working so hard? I don’t work hard. Man. This I’d never worked hard. I really never worked hard. I wish I could have worked hard, harder. I wish initially, this podcast started out to be harder it started. I don’t see any heart. There’s nothing hard about this podcast anymore. Seriously, nothing hard about this. So what more can I do? What more can I do? This question forces you to raise your current value? What more can I do to benefit myself, my family, my friends, and people who believe and trust and count on me? What more can I do for others? That’s what you’re asking. We’re asking that question. See, when you ask these questions, the brain automatically moves to answer. When the brain moves. That means that part is created that means now you have actionable thought the brain will automatically move in the direction and you will act because you keep on asking the same question you’re not getting an answer, then the brain will move to find an answer, as simple as that. See, I keep on saying this on my radio shows and also on this podcast, you have to become a person in the process. You have to become a person all of us, we are people in the process. So we are learning we are experiencing, we are giving, we are sacrificing.

We are enjoying it. We are living, we are existing, we are growing. So if, if you think and I see I meet people who think this way, they think they arrived. And I keep telling them you haven’t started, say you haven’t started. So the only way you can really win this game is when you acknowledge that you are a person in the process. An incredible quote that changed my life when I heard and I want to wrap this up with this quote. This was a quote by Henry Frederick mill. He said, If you go silent, you’ll be forgotten. If you don’t advance, you’ll fail. If you stop growing, you’ll become small. If you leave, you will give up if you stand where you are now. It’s the beginning of the end.

Appreciate your listening to today’s podcast. Thank you for being a subscriber. And thank you for your questions. And thank you for your support. That’s all for now. That’s all for today. And I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Thank you.

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