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Why & How To View “Change” As An Opportunity

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Your own view of changing if situations around you are changing. If you have started to feel as if you are losing control, then today’s podcast episode is for you. I’m Srini Saripalli. Welcome, or welcome back to Success with Srini. This question on how to deal with change. I talked about it multiple times on this podcast, there are some earlier recordings. And also during the COVID time, I talked extensively on the radio shows that we all are put in a situation to deal with this unknown. And our lives are going to change. And when the change eventually when we will get a handle on this change, our lives are going to become better. Now two years later. Suddenly, we feel right now things have started to settle down, things are opening up, economies opening up. And things are getting better.

As I’m recording today’s podcast, today happens to be March the second which is a Wednesday, Happy Hump Day to you. So the question becomes Is this how do we deal with this unknown or this change? There are very subtle ways to deal with this. The most important part is making a shift in the mind. And seeing change as an opportunity. Every time there is a change, like a job change, a location change, or a financial change whatever. Small micro-changes do happen in our lives. And every time different people take those changes differently. Now, one way to look at changes, all this is going to take me down, this is not good. And this is the end of everything that I have got going, I thought it’s going to get better from this point on. But now I don’t want to deal with this. The mind goes there, it’s very natural for the mind to go there. But then once you shift the understanding and say, Okay, I’m going to see this as an opportunity. I’m going to make this change that opportunity. See, the truth is this. Everything is changing. Everything is changing. And nothing is going to be constant anywhere. This is the truth of life. If that is the truth, then why not accept the idea that change is good. And why not even extend that idea and say that change is also progress? Why wouldn’t I consider changes progress? And once that happens, I should also acknowledge the fact that change is going to be uncomfortable, to begin with. And it’s natural for change to introduce some unknown into the equation. But life is unknown anyway because we don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow.

So, we are already dealing with that unknown. So, if a change is happening, let it introduce some unknowns. Because as human beings, we are already dealing with unknowns anyway. But I would also extend my thought and kind of expand the thought and say, okay, so the change will also bring some newness into my day-to-day life. Anyway, day to day, life is boring, even though I feel I’m in control of it. It’s boring, it’s like, monotonous, it’s repetitive. So every life doesn’t matter how exemplary life anybody’s living, how flamboyant and individually is with the life. Everywhere you see some degree of reputation, some degree of boredom, it’s there, it’s existing there. It’s it’s there. It’s we know its existence. But what if the change brings in new people? What if the change brings in new ideas, new concepts, new discussions, new interactions, and some degree of newness? It? Is it fair to say that change could also be transformative, not a negative way, in a positive way? There could be things that we couldn’t imagine, we couldn’t do with our current thinking, but then with this change happening.

Now we are put in a position to think differently to deal with life in a whole different manner altogether. So that in itself is transformative. And because of that, there is a possibility that there is a wider array of choices that you could make. See, and as a result of these wider choices, maybe there is some spice to life. Maybe, maybe there is some variety to this. So the key here is, why not tell yourself that I will deal with this change, I will adjust to this change, I’m going to lead this change. Now that this has been put on me, even though I was not expecting this, but given all these things, given all these elements that are coming, that could be potentially coming with this change, let me lead this change. Once you take your mind there, just a matter of a few days, you’ll start to feel comfortable.

Changes, good changes, progressive changes, going to introduce some unknowns, but then it’s okay, I’m going to recognize those unknowns, and I’m going to deal with them as they come, I’m going to learn and I’m gonna expand myself as a result of this. And then change will also bring in some variety, some as a result of the unknown. And then that’s, there’s gonna be some spice that will be introduced into my life, and there’s going to be newness.

The point is change is fundamentally transformative. We need to align ourselves to that change. And we can keep on adjusting anything that happens to us by simply shifting our mindset and we do that by positively happening to this change. So I want you to be open to change. That’s the idea of today’s podcast. We think you are in control, but we are not in control. And the day you realize that you are not in control, you are truly in control. Thanks for listening.

Hopefully, today’s podcast is helpful. I’ll be back here again tomorrow. Till such time, wherever you are, be safe and be happening.

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